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New Here

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Hi,I had my surgery on May 6. Was supposed to just take out the right Thyroid because 6 mo. ago it wasn't cancer. Everyone was so sure that it wasn't cancer that the surgeon had already starting stiching me up when the biopsy came back cancer. My calcuim levels dropped and they keep me an extra day in the hospital. When I went home they had me on 3000mg of calcuim and had to get my blood drawn every 3 days. Now I'm down to 1000 g a day and have to get blood work this Friday. Weds. will be my 2 weeks of no Thyroid meds, they didn't put me on a low iodine diet,is this normal. I supposed to go for the full body scan soon. My Drs nurse saud she would be calling soon. Today is the first day that I have felt really really tired. It feels like my bones hurt. Thanks for letting me share:)

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Sorry to hear about what you had to go through after your surgery. Hang in there.

What kind of thyroid cancer was it?

So I can better understand your situation, can you give more details about why you had to have a thyroidectomy if they thought six months ago it was not cancer? Did a goiter appear? Did you have an FNA?, if so, what were the results?

If your calcium levels dropped, then I think your parathyroids were in shock, hence the need to give you calcium.

Not sure why they did not put you on the low-iodine diet. I've read in several books that too much dietary iodine in your system during the radiation treatment and whole body scan will make the treatment and scan useless. I think I read that you can get away with only doing the low-iodine diet for 5 days before radiation iodine treatment, however they suggest 2 wks since most people mess up the first week while on the diet. I'd check with your doctors.

But what I really recommend is doing some research of your own to make sure you understand the treatment plan you are on. It is your body, so you have a say in what happens. If you don't understand why your docs are doing things (like giving you 3000mg of calcium) you really should ask them why. Sounds like you should ask your doc how you should prepare for your radiation iodine treatment and whole body scan. If they don't tell you anything about the low-iodine diet and why it is important prior to your scan, I suggest you find another endocrinologist or physician who is more knowledgeable about thyroid cancer treatment.

Posts: 39
Joined: May 2010

The type of Thyroid cancer that I have is the Papillary Carcinoma. It was my descion to have the right side removed as it was causing a choking feeling even though I was on meds to help shrink it. Glad I made that one since 6mo. ago the biopsy came back negative for cancer.

The surgeon did say that he had to move things more than he liked because the nodule was stuck to everything including the nerve close to my vocal cords. He was very happy to hear me talking good after the surgery.

I talked to my Endo. nurse after the sugery and they are setting up the full body scan she said it would be 2 to 3 weeks after I stopped take my thyroid meds. Said nothing about low-iodine so I will call tomorrow and ask about it.

I have been doing alot of research and have learned quite a bit form here, so glad I found this site.

My Grandmoters from both sides are Hypothyroid but, I'm the first to get Thyroid cancer.

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