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we're back

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Just wanted to say, we are back from vacation. It went by way too fast, but doesn't something you can't wait for always fly by. I have read a few posts since we came back on Tuesday and just wanted to say Hi to everyone. I have posted a few pictures on my expressions, one of them is my husband at the pool in Margaritaville on the Grand Turk Island. One of funniest things I experienced on the cruise is that a man that looked like he would make a fantastic Santa Claus was on board. I did get a picture of him so that I could tell our Grandchildren that Santa was on Vacation with us. My husband was well on the trip, the blood in the urine did stop, the doc dropped his coumadin pills from 14 to 13 mg. daily and that did the trick. I Pray for all of you daily and just want you to know that what you write on this board is so supportive for everyone. I am sure there are days where you feel like crap, but you always have something positive to write to someone who posts that isn't having a great day. Take care and God Bless all of you. Margaret

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Thanks for letting us know you are back. The pictures are beautiful. I hope you had a fantastic trip!

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Looks like you made some awesome memories! Thanks for posting for us to enjoy!

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Thx for filling us in, and glad you had such a nice vacation with "Santa Claus" I have often wondered where he "summered"
Hope this finds ya smilin
PS your pics got this 'old salt' missing the ocean. There is nothing like a sunset at sea!!!!

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