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Hello to all you ladies here

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Hello to all you ladies here, have been reading a lot of the discussions here and you are all so brave and supportive of each other, I found this site a couple of months ago by accident searching for answers and became a member a few weeks ago, I tried to post then but it just disappeared, so am trying again now as tomorrow I have my appointment with gyn, have been worried for the last 3 months but am trying to be really positive and keeping an open mind.
It all started over 2 yrs ago, I went to my old doc about pains in left side of lower abdomen, severe swelling, heavy menstruations and a general feeling of not feeling so healthy, doc sent me for ultrasound external and internal, found uterus was thickened by 23mm and cyst on left ovary,also a cyst inside endo, my iron was a bit low but nothing to worry about, my doctor then told me there was nothing to worry about and it was all normal said cyst in ovary would go on its own, which it did. over a yr ago I went back to him with the same symptoms but they were more severe as in more pain and left side of pelvic area was hurting more, so another ultra sound just external and was told nothing was out of the ordinary and not to worry !! So roughly 3-4 months ago I found a new doctor who is so much better and determined to find answers, his really thorough, I had a pile of blood tests urine tests another internal and external ultra sound done, I just could not keep going on the way I was, I was getting tired all the time the pain on my left side is now right across my lower pelvic area and there constantly now even when I don't have my menstruations, I started feeling nauseous of and on all the time, my menstruations started coming roughly every 2 wks now and last between 7-10 days, I am bloated all the time, constipated,find it hard to eat a full healthy meal now, and now for the last 2 months I am losing a jelly like substance with streaks of blood through it, my results were as I expected them to be and the uterus was thickened and maybe from hyperplasia, the cyst in the uterus is a polyp !!! not a cyst!!, and now there is rough surface on the outer of the uterus, and I am also on iron injections now as my iron level was to low (anemic), so he arranged an appointment for me with an gynecologist its taken 2 months to get in and see him and I am so nervous and worried, I know it could be nothing at all to worry about and I was fine with it all until my doctor asked me how I would feel if I had to have hysterectomy, I told him I would come to that decision when I find out the reason!, sorry its so long I think I got a bit carried away, any advice would be deeply appreciated.

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I can only give you moral support. Would rather leave the diagnosis and treatment of your symptoms to the medical professionals. I do hope you are lead to the right doctor who can find some answers.

I think once you get those answers it will be easier for you to make decisions. I found the worst part of my whole cancer experience was the unknowning. It made me apprehensive and anxious. Once I had a diagnosis and a method of treatment I felt a lot better. I still had worries but, at least I knew what was going on.

Here is hoping the best for you, my dear. May you find peace and strength. Norma

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I know the "unknown" is very unsettling, and all of us here have been in your same shoes. The waiting for the doc appt, the test results and the what ifs' just keeps going. After a while we all build up some strength to endure.

I agree with norma, best to keep all the testing and decisions to the docs as we truly don't know what could be wrong....only guessing at this point.

Good luck with your appt and plse come back and let us know how you did. Keep smiling and know life does go on and you'll be just fine in the end!! I was diagnosed last February and had the surgery, treatments and now just follow-up testing/appts. I'm alive and perfect example life goes on and on..............


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The last time I spoke to you, you told me that you had fuzz. I am starting to have more fuzz. How about a new picture. Hope you are feeling well. June

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Hey! June!
Yep, I have more hair. Braver and braver I finally am going out in public without baseball caps, sometimes. I will try for a new pic. The fam got me a nifty camera last Christmas. I can down load pics into my computer. Will get hubby to take a pic and post it. {{{JUNE}}} Hope all is well in your corner of the world. Norma

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Hi Rose. It seems that you are waiting a long time for a diagnosis. Maybe its nothing at all. How about a biopsy? I remember when I was spotting for about a year my doc that it was the fibroids, but I got tired of the spotting and decided I had to take care of it. So I went to see my doc and I told her that I was tired and something has to be done. she did a biopsy and was able to diagnose what the real problem was. So lets wait and see. Hang in there and keep in touch. JUne

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Hello Rose:

Sorry to hear that you are generally not feeling well. You are taking the right position and seeking another professional. I hope all goes well for you.

Try not to worry. Think about the matter and then let it be. I know you probably think that it easy for me to say. I was a constant worrier. Worry worry worry. Spent my time mostly worrying instead of enjoying things.

Worrying is not going to change what happens, it only makes you feel worse. Maybe all you will need is a hysterectomy. Then you will have no pain, no menstral periods, etc. Maybe you won't need to do anything. Whatever it is, take control.

Also, if the doctors do decide something, don't think that they will "rush" procedures. Often times you will see that they may schedule things months away which is nerve racking because WE just want it gone or procedures finished.

Take care.


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So many of the ladies who posted before me have given you such sound advice.

I strongly believe in having a biopsy taken. Speak to your doc about it. It can be done in the office. The results are quite definitive so that at least know what you are dealing with. I agree that the unknown is just so frightening. You have, unfortunately, gone through so much already. Hang in there...you are in my thoughts and prayers to get down to the bottom of this.

Peace and hope,


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Thank you all so much for all your possitive feed back, I guess I just needed to chat and get it out of my system.
I was very dissapointed with my supposedly gyno app today as when I got there the hospital had booked me in for the wrong specialist and had me in to see my specialist for my bowels as I have had previous colonoscopys with polyps removed, honest mistake on there part but soooo..... frustrating for me !!!, :(
So the specialist today has made app for me with my regular doc and he will up grade my waiting list to priority 1 instead of being on the current waiting list for priority 2.

So I'm trying to stay happy but I really just want it all sorted out and delt with.
I am going to ask to have a D&C done instead of biopsy as having read some of the discussions on here I don't think it would benefit me and will probably still have to have D&C done in the long run any way.

Thank you all so much for responding especialy as you all have much bigger things to deal with than I do so very much appreciate you all taking your time to reply and wish all the best to every one of you.


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