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My first chemo session

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My first chemo will be thursday R only then the next day CHOP. Wish me luck!

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I had six rounds of the chop and am now on Rituxin maintanence. It is scary to start the journey but they make sure you don't get sick. We are lucky to have lymphoma now rather than 10 years ago. The predisone will keep you awake the first time but your body will get used to it. I had my last chemo July 2009 and I'm walking at the gym fast and my hair has been back since Sept. May God bless you through this journey. Those of us that have traveled this path are here for you. Joanie

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Just be sure to take the 2 tylenol and 2 benedryl. Make sure you tell them if you start getting any itchiness or sore throat. They can help!

Good luck and for God's sake, take the prednisone as early as you can...........like 5 am or so so you can sleep later. Seriously, don't drink caffeine or you better get the movies ready for an all nighter! LOL.

You'll be fine. Good luck and make sure to bring lots of stuff to do. It's going to be a very long day honey.

Take care,

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