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What stage are you and when were you dx?

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Posts: 988
Joined: Jun 2009

Stage 3, dx April 14th 2009

Life is funny sometimes

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Posts: 471
Joined: Jun 2009

Hi Brooks,

Stage IIIc, Oct 2007, 8 of 38 lymph nodes positive. Resection and chemo.

Be Blessed,


Posts: 1154
Joined: Jun 2010

Hi Debbie my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer. She is in stage iii. She is 67 and in good spirits. If you have any advise (we think 4 of 20 lymphnodes tested positive), we'd really appreciate it.


Patteee's picture
Posts: 950
Joined: Jul 2009

stage 3B
May 20, 2008

geotina's picture
Posts: 2123
Joined: Oct 2009

George's cancer was diagnosed at colonoscopy on 3/30/09. With 48 hours we knew it was Stage IV, mets to liver and lungs.


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Posts: 59
Joined: Mar 2010

Colonoscopy 8/4/09, colon resection 8/11/09.

Posts: 1
Joined: Jun 2010

Just found out Tues my dad has stage IV colon cancer w/ liver met.Mucinous Adenocarcinoma is the type he has.Went Thurs to get port.Starts Chemo next week.He was having abdominal pain and vomiting.Surgeon went in for exploratory surgery to remove obstruction.Found large tumor on colon, removed and reconnected also found small tumor on liver removed.I just dont know whats next or what to expect..

PGLGreg's picture
Posts: 741
Joined: Jul 2006

Aside from chemotherapy, I'll guess he will be getting some tests -- blood, CT or PET scan, maybe others, to access how well the chemo is working. Other than that, just watching and waiting. I would take the surgeon's decisive action against the tumors as a hopeful sign.


jams67's picture
Posts: 927
Joined: May 2006

I had stage iv in '05. Colon resection and about 50 percent of my liver removed, as well as 32 lymph nodes, 10 of which were positive. NED (no evidence of disease now. I'm very blessed. Jo Ann

abrub's picture
Posts: 2178
Joined: Mar 2010

Stage 4 (Appendiceal Cancer) - April 6, 2007; a surprise find during a "routine" hysterectomy done a few weeks after my clean colonoscopy.

Posts: 305
Joined: Feb 2009

It is good to hear from someone else who has been diagnosed with appendiceal cancer. I was diagnosed in November 2008, Stage IV, from just feeling real bad.
What are you doing to be treated?

Debbie in Arkansas

abrub's picture
Posts: 2178
Joined: Mar 2010

I've got a detailed summary on my blog page (the earliest entry).

In a nutshell: I've had cyto-reductive surgery after my initial "discovery" surgery, to get rid of all visible tumor (splattered all over my peritoneum) followed by Intra-Peritoneal chemo (not the heated kind) - 5 3-day cycles, and then 7 of planned 12 rounds of Folfox + Avastin. At the moment, I'm 2 years post-chemo and doing great.

I have incisional hernias from the surgeries, and will be having them repaired next month. My surgeon will also use the opportunity to look around again, to be sure nothing has grown back in the 3 years since he last looked.

What have you done, and how are you doing?


Posts: 21
Joined: Sep 2009

Hi I have stage 4 appendiceal ca. I would like to know who your doctor is .

msccolon's picture
Posts: 1956
Joined: Oct 2004

broadway, baby! :)

Cancer found during colonoscopy 08/12/04, staged IIIB, 08/25/04; recurrent in 2006, recurrent in 2009, currently active. That would make me stage IV, although my onc officially keeps me at my original dx Stage IIIB.

robinvan's picture
Posts: 1014
Joined: May 2007


We were both diagnosed in August 2004! Our 6 year anniversaries are coming up! My recurrences were discovered in October 2006 (small lever met) and Sept 2009 (local recurrence with spread to sacrum).

Be well... Rob; in Vancouver

msccolon's picture
Posts: 1956
Joined: Oct 2004

I would say twins, but I am already half of a set! :)

tabur's picture
Posts: 71
Joined: Jul 2009

December 23, 2008 - Stage IV w/mets to Liver


Posts: 211
Joined: May 2009

Stage 4. March 2009. Mets to Liver and Lungs. Brenda

Posts: 175
Joined: Nov 2009

Stage 4 with mets to liver. Dx August 10,2009 currently on second line of chemo.

Kerry S's picture
Kerry S
Posts: 607
Joined: Dec 2009

Stage 4 - 4/08 – rectum – node - liver

tootsie1's picture
Posts: 5065
Joined: Feb 2008

Stage 1, diagnosed Nov. 20, 2007. Colon resection Nov.23, 2007.


Buzzard's picture
Posts: 3073
Joined: Aug 2008

There were no nodes involved but as far as breaking through the wall it did. It was originally in the rectal muscle tissue and was found during a colonoscopy. I never asked but I was diagnosed March 25th 2008....

HollyID's picture
Posts: 951
Joined: Dec 2009

Stage III b with 1 LN involved.

Dx 11.23.09

PGLGreg's picture
Posts: 741
Joined: Jul 2006

Stage 2a rectal, diagnosed November 28, 2005.

PGLGreg's picture
Posts: 741
Joined: Jul 2006


impactzone's picture
Posts: 542
Joined: Aug 2006

Stage 4 liver mets 9/06

robinvan's picture
Posts: 1014
Joined: May 2007

I was stage 4 when diagnosed.

Rob; in Vancouver

ron50's picture
Posts: 1729
Joined: Nov 2001

Stage 3c 6/13, 21Jan 1998. Clear since. Ron.

Posts: 827
Joined: Jan 2010

Stage II a/b ( whatever that(a/b) is). Dx 10/19/09; surgery 10/20/09...ascending colon completely removed & resection.

6 month colonoscopy 4/22/10. 3 polyps..2 in descending, 1 in rectum & inflammation at original cancer site. All benign /negative.

Chemo 12/8/09---Folfox 5 tx; discontinued 2/16/10. Xeloda currently. Starting 10th tx chemo Wednesday.


TxKayaker's picture
Posts: 177
Joined: Jun 2009

Stage III C 5LN involved , DX 4-3-09 , Clear scan Nov. '09 , Next scan 6-03-10

Posts: 453
Joined: Aug 2008

Diagnosed Stage IV October 2007 with left ovarian metastasis. 5/38 nodes positive. 6 months folfox/ avastin.
Second surgery for right ovarian metastasis 11/2008. No post surgical chemo. NED since.


Sundanceh's picture
Posts: 4408
Joined: Jun 2009

Stage IV - June 9, 2004


dianetavegia's picture
Posts: 1953
Joined: Mar 2009

I was Stage IIIb in Jan. 09 and age 58. Very happy to be turning 60 this year. :-P

Did you know staging has recently changed? Now the staging depends on how deep the tumor grew into the colon wall or had it broken through the wall. Many Stage IIIc's are now Stage IIIb and some Stage IIIb's are now C's.

ACS explanation of new staging

Posts: 1956
Joined: Oct 2009

chemo/rad/colostomy/postop chemo......awaiting removal of defective port next Monday; awaiting CT scan date; bag is forever.......Hope all are well,,,,,,,(Hey Diane, I'm 3 months older than you.)numerous side effects remain.......steve

Lisa Rose's picture
Lisa Rose
Posts: 597
Joined: Mar 2003

8 years & 2 months

Stage 3C rectal cancer
Surgery March 20,2002
10 positive lymph nodes

No recurrences..............

velo8162's picture
Posts: 15
Joined: Oct 2009

August 22, 2007, Stage IIIB, resection, 3 out of 10 lymph nodes.

jmaddox915's picture
Posts: 80
Joined: Nov 2009

DX July 23rd, 2009 with one met to the liver. Colon resection in August of 2009, finished 11 round of chemo on Feb 8th, 2010 and had liver resection in March, 2010.

biglaur's picture
Posts: 72
Joined: Apr 2010

June '08. (originally dx no lymph or organ involvement in Sept'06) but think they just missed it all :( Colon resection 9/11/06 Chemo, radiation starting June '08

Paula G.'s picture
Paula G.
Posts: 596
Joined: Apr 2009

My husband was DX Oct. 2009. Stage 4 mets to liver, lungs and right adrenal gland. He has been on FOLFOX had to stop the oxy on treatment #9. Is now on Xeldoda + avastin. will start his 24th round on Friday. Most days he feels pretty good. Paula

JR's picture
Posts: 140
Joined: May 2009

My wife (Paula G.) is a year off. I was dx Oct. 2008. Time flies when your having fun.


lisa42's picture
Posts: 3661
Joined: Jul 2008

I was diagnosed with stage IV rectal cancer w/ numerous liver and lung mets 8/4/07, just shortly after my 41st B-day- who knows how long it was in me before then!
My only surgery so far has been a liver resection in 5/08 & I've had radiation and LOTS of chemo.


PamPam2's picture
Posts: 376
Joined: Jan 2009

August 2004 Stage 4 Large colon tumor, grew through colon wall, engulfed overy. In lymph nodes. Totally obstructed. Emergency surgery. Resec Surgery Chemo Reconnect surgery
Doing pretty well!

msccolon's picture
Posts: 1956
Joined: Oct 2004

Yea, that month just sucked all around!

Posts: 2
Joined: Dec 2009

Dx Sept. 2005
NED since
Scans next week.

Aud's picture
Posts: 480
Joined: Oct 2009

Stage I, T2 very low rectal tumor (into but not through the rectal muscle wall). Nothing that shows lymph node involvement on MRI/PET scans, but the only way to really know is through biopsy. Since I had a transanal excision of the tumor, followed by radiation and chemo (to make the radiation work better), the lymph nodes were not biopsied.
Low rectal tumors have a higher incidence of recurrence. There's also increased rate of recurrence when there are positive margins (as was my case for the first surgery)
Can you detect the anxiety? Well, that's my nature to begin with I suppose. But, really, I try not to think of it that much.

Betsydoglover's picture
Posts: 1256
Joined: Jul 2005

Diagnosed 5/05 - Stage IV - liver met - Xeloda/oxaliplatin/Avastin for 6 cycles (NED after 3). Recurrence in lung 11/08 - VATS 4/09, NED since then, on Avastin only now. Doing well!


karguy's picture
Posts: 1024
Joined: Apr 2009

Stage 3 going on stage 4,dx march 10,2008.colorectal with 11 lymph nodes

Anonymous user (not verified)

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christinecarl's picture
Posts: 545
Joined: Sep 2009

diagnosed December 2009

theresa8's picture
Posts: 61
Joined: Dec 2009

Stage 2A rectal cancer, dx October 2009
Radiation and chemo, followed by surgery
Temporary illeostomy,
Presently doing folfox for 4 cycles,
Reversal surgery coming up in August or September
Life goes on...

mark440's picture
Posts: 63
Joined: Jan 2010

stage 3 upper third rectal cancer pt2 pn1 mo..... dx on dec 23 2009 surgery at cleveland clinic jan 25 2010 anterior resection of rectum.... currently going through folfox 6 chemo for 6 months,,, alot of side effects..62 nodes removed 3 metastatic..


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