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The Fight Continues

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I was diagnosed with Hurthle cell back in 2000 it started in my right thyroid which was then removed. In 2008 it reappeared this time attached to my voice box, i then had a vertical resection of my voice box and they removed the right half of the voice box, so my voice is not good but still there. A month later i then had the left thyroid removed. I have since had two large tablet treatments of radioactive iodine 6 months apart. Now in the January just gone (2010) after my last PET scan we have found that it has now travelled to my lungs, the CT scan that i have had this week shows about 16 tumours i have now been refered back to the committe of my hospital for discusion. My next appointment is on the 3 of May with Endo. At this stage i am nosure that they now what to do with me. I must say though that my hospital - The Alfred - has been amazing both the ENT department and the Endo department.

So the Fight continues and some how i will win.

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Good luck and keep us posted!!!

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Good luck with your fight and I know you will win... Keep up that spirit.

and please keep us informed

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