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Strictures and Cystoscopys

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I has been just over a week since I was scoped, or what I like to call a lower root canal. I have been leaking a LOT more since the procedure. Is this going to continue, or will I gradually get back to.......

I must keep repeating, "I think I can, I think I can..."

Its depressing- every time I come on here I am reminded why I am here on these boards.

:( (soft tear falling.....)

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I feel for you Trew....been fighting the depression demon myself this week...got my annual this next week....I know everything is good...BUT !!! WHAT IF !!!!....lmao....the ol Why Me"....but things are getting better...gotta keep telling myself that

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Its just one of those nights then I looked in the mirror just right as I was preparing for bed and I thought, "that not me- not what I used to be." I'm thinking of getting an artifical sphincter installed this summer, I used a number of pads today------- It was just too much for awhile. Its not like that every day- just some times, this evening. I admit it, I cried for awhile. That caused me to wet my pad so I had to get up and change that....

And so it goes.

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Skid Row Tom
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Were you "cystoed" or "dilated"? If the doctor performed a cysto (e.g., to go into your bladder and take a look around), your plumbing has experience some trauma and additional leaking for a week is probably normal. If you were dilated, the doctor took an instrument and widened your plumbing. With me, I was nearly 100% continent when scar tissue formed -- they dilated me (way too much in my opinion) because of the scar tissue, and was totally 100% incontinent. In other words, my dilation completely turned the tables and now I have an AUS. I would encourage you to call the doctor. After a week, I think your additional leakage from your procedure should be subsiding. The decision to have an AUS was every bit as difficult as addressing the prostate cancer. I guess you could look at the AUS as "the cancer won", but I look at it as "I'm not letting this control my life and this is my way of fighting back".

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The doc's plan was to go into the bladder and take a look around but he could not get the scope in- so he widened the opening. I go back in two weeks to try the scope again- I guess that would be the scope. I know he used a lot of wire in and out before he was done but actually, laying flat on my back i could not see much. Felt a lot. and it seemed to go on for about 8 or 9 months or until I thought I would miss Xmas.

Whatever the doc did I am sure dripping a lot since. Almost back to gorund zero it seems. Again feelings of being overwhelmed keep coming back with each pad change.

My, I do hate this.

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