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doctors response to mucus

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Thank you for the responses.My rectum is still in place because although the cancer was low they tried to save the rectum.After 5 years of loose bowel movements and wearing a diaper I gave up and had a colostomy.This radically changed things for the better,but now I have this terrible mucus.My doctor wants to do something called chemical ablation that he says will help it.Anyone ever heard of this.They go in and cauterize the rectal lining with some kind of solution.He says it might have to be done several times.He has only done this once but he says it worked well.I have tried to find info on it but can not.Has anyone had this done?It supposedly is a short procedure but I have been trough so much that I guess I am alittle nervous.If anyone can find info on this before I decide I would really appreciate it and maybe we all can help many others with the same problem.

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Do yourself a major favor, and go to the http://www.uoaa.org
web site, and ask at the colorectal forum.

The people there have been through every known procedure
regarding colorectal care. It's not cancer specific; the members
have had colorectal surgery for a myriad of reasons, but they
do have a good deal of info that you might benefit from.

I strongly suggest that you -do not- have any further procedures
until you get second and/or third opinions from doctors that are
not of the same group or organization. Your surgeon should be
experienced in colorectal surgery, and be familiar with the
problems you have.

Please let us know if the group at the UOAA site was of help?

Good luck.


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John,I tried to register for the site but am still waitng to here from the web master to post anything.How long does this take.In the mean time I did find out that they use this procedure on arteries in the heart that are clogged,also on endometriosis and some experiments are sucessfully being done on prostate cancer to ablate the tumor.I wish I could find even one patient that did it on rectal musus and it was sucessful.I have my first colonoscopy on june 4 and with a bag it can't be fun. Khayman1

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I don't know much about the registration process at the UOAA,
but most registrations only take a short time, usually within
the hour, if not immediately. Did you try signing in using the name
and password you gave? Maybe the reg process is all automatic?

I would postpone any procedures that aren't an emergency, until
I had more information. I would also get some other opinions
from colorectal surgeons that are not of the same organization
or even in the same town. Anytime you need any "life changing",
or invasive procedure, it should be done with a few opinions
having been gathered. Doctors are human, and make mistakes
just like anyone else. They also are busy, and another doc might
have new information, or know about a new procedure that
the first doc doesn't. That's another way docs get new info; through
opinions received from other docs by their patients.

If it's not an emergency, take your time and get as much info
you can. You have to be your own advocate, and you can't make
an informed decision unless you have the information needed.

Stay well, ehh?


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Get second,third and fourth opinions and recommendations. Permanent is permanent and that procedure is permanent.
The board John mentioned is excellent for finding out about that kind of procedure. If you want some real encouragement, read almost any post Terry G (from the UK) makes. His body is a wreck, but he is knowledgeable and encouraging like no one I have ever met - amazing man.

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