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Crow71 update

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Hi folks-
Thanks for asking about ROger. It has been tough lately, but he is okay. We had an appt. with the surgeon yesterday and even though he has had tube feedings for 12 hours a day for a week he has still lost more weight. The surgeon wasn't too concerned, but did up the tube feedings to 16 hours a day. The wound is healing well, I can see improvements daily. And he is backing off the narcotics, which I hope will help with his appetite too,
Today is 4 weeks since surgery. I would have thought it would be better by now, but so it goes. It has been very hard emotionally for ROger and for me. Pain management, wound care, tube feedings, ileostomy changes/issues are a lot to handle as well as trying to have some kind of time for my kids. We have lots of support, my parents are my absolute rocks. Craig's post reminded me of how fortunate we are to have our family close and helpful!
I hope Roger will get on here soon. I know it would be good for him.
Thanks for keeping him in your thoughts.


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Please give Roger our best. I follow your site. You have been a real trooper and Roger is going to owe you big time. I see breakfast in bed while watching Roger vacuum in your future! I almost choked when I read how you could see his liver during wound changing, now that is devotion not to barf into that wound. Happy for you that it is starting to heal. Roger is a very lucky man to have you.

Take care -

Tina and George

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Hi Kim

Thank you for your update - Roger sounds like he's in the best hands possible - with you there, he can't go wrong:)

It pleases me to know you have alot of support and family there - it's important and really lessens the load for you both.

Looking forward to hearing from you both very soon - all the best.


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I sounds like you are all seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Give Roger a gentle hug for me (if he is OK with that!)
You have a beautiful family.

Rob; in Vancouver

Fight for my love
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Hope Roger get well very soon.Best wishes to you and your family.Take care.

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to you and Roger.Please tell Roger that he has to get back on this site very soon so he can encourage us all to get out and walk. I haven't walked a day since the last time he suggested it.

Sparks are flying!


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Thank you for the update and he sounds like he is in good hands with you around. Healing takes time and everyone heals differently. Glad you can start seeing some improvement. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

Keep us posted.

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I hope Roger recovers fully soon! I cannot imagine the pain you are all going through. I am glad you all have support and there is nothing like family! Please let him know I pray for him daily and hope he can get back on here soon. Take care of yourself. Marie

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Thanks so much for the update on Roger. He has been through a lot + it sounds like he is coming along. Please tell him we miss him + look forward to his return to the board.

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Thanks for the update. Roger is lucky to have such good care from you. I will continue to pray for his healing. Brenda

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Holding Roger in the Light for continued healing.
Hang in there. Glad your parents are there for you.

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Hey Kim!

Glad to hear that you are holding up well and that you have loving folks around to help you. Please know that you are bith in my prayers. Take care!


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You two have been on a rough road for awhile. It is good to hear that things are turning around for Roger. I know how exhausting it is caring for him and your kids. Great that you have the support of your family. I'll keep the two of you in my prayers Kim.


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