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Ct Scans

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Well, just got back from seeing the doctor and getting results from CT scan and labs done on Monday.

Well the liver is great, but there is an enlarged necrotic hilar lymph node (chest lymph node) so now I will do a pet scan. I'm not so worried but I got all dressed up and everything just so I could start to celebrate. Darn the dancing will have to wait a week. Oh well, a week is not that long to wait so I will put my party clothes back on the hanger until next Wednesday. But rest assured after we get the all clear next week, there will be partying!!!!

Take care

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There are some here on the forums that believe "the party dance" can/should only be done naked. For some reason I picture you in a fancy dress with ribbons and lace, probably yellow, with a little poof here and there. Here is to hoping you can celebrate the dance next week by whatever means you feel best.

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Just want to tell you that I too have an enlarged hilar lymph node. It was discovered about one year before the colon cancer was diagnosed and I have had 3 Ct's of it and it hasn't changed.The radiologist and my PC have decided that it is just a 'big node'...nothing else.No more Ct's of it required. I asked my PC and onc whether they thought it had anything to do with the colon cancer. They both told me NO.

The reason I had 3 cats was because my PC was thinking Lymphoma. Don't have that. If he had looked a little lower though......oh the mess, I mean mass, he would have seen!

Hope it is all ok. I think it will be.Try to relax & not worry ( like I did...LOL)


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Hey Jan,

There is nothing wrong with celebrating twice - once for the great liver + once next week for the lymph node! Take good care!

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