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Stage IV melanoma management

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My mom is 74. She had an operation in primary melanoma in her face 8 months ago. Now it spread into bone, liver, parotid gland and other part of skin. She is getting Interferon IM 3 times a week for one month but it was held for a week now due to severe low WBC count.

Now oncologist plans to start Dacarbazine (no more interferon).

Anyone has any idea about Dacarbazine? Who had good or bad experience with it? Please email me if you has more detail about it. Thanks!


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I can't offer any information about Dacarbazine, but you might want to ask your oncologist about Interleukin 2. My wife had great results with it. She had stage 4 mel June 09 and cancer free March 10.
If you need information about the IL2, I will share what I know from our journey with my wife's melanoma.


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