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Many times I read here:"I`m exercising 1 hour a day" and I just wondering, what are you counting for exercise.
I`m starting day with this http://www.youtube.com/user/mrjerichosunfire#p/u/28/OZCBdJgxxc8
Better see than talk about that. It is some push-ups, core exercise and squads and my client (because I`m doing that in the morning at work before I wake them) are so surprise why I`m so short of breath.
At home I`m continue on the treadmill or I`m going for run with my grand daughter (German shepherd) which is like 4-5km and afternoon long walks with my other clients (yes, I have 2 full time jobs).
But this is not every day (except that morning kill), I have garden and house to clean and big lawn to move too.

What about you, ladies? What is your idea of exercising?
You know, this is only way, how to move lymph in the body and because lots of us have shortage of lymph nodes....

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Okay I'm going to jump on this topic as I'm the avid exercise gal. When the weather is nice I'll walk approx 4 times per week for 1 hour...and it's F A S T....walking (I used to run vs. walking, but can't now as have some pain in my pelvic area...boohoo!). Then on one day I do 45 minutes of "free" weight training in my basement. On the 6th day I go to the gym and do 30 minutes on the elliptical and another 30 minutes of different weights from the earlier part of the week workout. Lastly, since my joints are "challenged" from the pelvic radiation, each morning I do 20-30 minutes of yoga...and oh I forgot, I take one yoga class per week for 1 hour. I'm pooped just thinking of what I do!!!

I've been working out since I was 18 yrs and I'm 53 yrs of age. I feel so much better and know exercise is great for a person getting thru cancer. Yes and I agree when have had lymph nodes removed (had 25), many docs suggest movement to remove toxins which can cause lymphodema. Plus any weight-bearing exercise is good to offset bone-thinning which increases after menopause.

Any other takers??


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I worked in several different health clubs when I was younger, teaching aerobics, yoga, and weight lifting, and used to run 7 miles a day faithfully. I was doing 10 miles on the ellyptical machine 6 days a week when I got my cancer diagnosis. During treatment I really didn't exercise much, as much because my TIME was being eaten up by doctor visits and I still had (have) a business to run. Even now that I am out of treatment, I still am not back to the gym. I spend an hour or two each day with pretty heavy gardening, as my gardens are huge. & it DOES seem to help the lymphodema! The big change with me is that I will now always put going to my grandkid's soccer games, or going out with a frind for lunch, ahead of any exercise regime. I only have so many 'free' hours a day since i still work ful time, and being 125 pounds is no longer as important to me as it was before. My priorities have changed.

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