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hashimotos disease

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I dont have thyroid cancer (had us for enlarged t.but clear) but thought maybe you guys cld help cnt get into endo till 1/6/10. For many years I hv had every sign of hypo. but tests kept coming back fine so last yr I went to nose ear throat dr. and just happened to tell him abt my symstoms he gave me a different test for antibodies and was diagnosed w/ Hashimotos disease finally I knew i wasnt nuts. But I have read that there is some connection to thyroid cancer an heart problems. Wld love to talk to someone who else has this disease. By the time I go to endo. I'll be bald and permently living in bed. I had bc dx 05'. Thanks

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I had been diagnosed with Hashimotos several years ago. I had battled fatigued and pain for many years. I new I had chronic fatigue and I suspected I had Fibromialga. I had several biopsies and my Endro kept telling me they came back typical hashimoto. Because of all the nodules, I knew I was high risk for cancer. I had her refer me to a surgeon. In July I went into surgery thinking I was preventing cancer and came out of surgery with the knowledge that my thyroid and lymph nodes were covered in cancer. I was shocked! I really want to encourage you to be checked regularly and if you have a lot of nodules, you may want to consider having your thyroid removed. The thing that really helped me with the hashimoto symptoms were staying away from sugar and white flour and exercising. When your sooo tired, the last thing you want to do is exercise, but I would force myself to do something at least 4-5 times a week. I hope this helps.

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I have autoimmune disease(s) and hashimotos. I have over 8 nodules that have been followed since 1993 when i had a huge goiter. I have been on medication-high doses-to reduce the goiter since then. My tsh has been .0015 or such for years and I do not have hyperthyroid symptoms. Currently I take natural thyroid which has made a big difference for me in how I feel. I am healthier at the high dose, even reversed my osteoporosis! I had a recent large nodule come up just before Xmas and since then been diagnosed with Hurthle cell neoplasm on FNA. I was shocked as I have had all of this since early '90's. That said I do have all kinds of medical problems and I know my thyroid can be to blame for some of it. Anyway I am going to have TT although I have severe allergies to medications...I am afraid of the actual anesthesia not the operation. Having had all of these problems for so long, I think my immune system has just pretty much failed. I had a complete work up done once of my immune system and it was very low functioning but severely unregulated, back in the 90's. Back then an endocrinologist suggested my having my thyroid removed but I was too afraid. I hope this operation brings some relief of symptoms even if it turns out I have hurthle cell carcinoma.

I am glad this discussion group is here, it really helps!

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My tests never came back abnormal too, but the "normal" range doesn't seem to be the same for everyone. When my TSH is above 2.5 I have tons of symptoms of hypothyroidism. I even saw an endocrinologist a year before I got diagnosed; if he had bothered to pay attention to what I was saying, I might have avoided the cancer altogether. Instead he told me I was fine. Anyway it took me forever to get in to see him too. There are doctors who aren't endocrinologists but who specialize in treating thyroid disorders. Only you can decide whether that's worth exploring for you; I would check out the about.com page about thyroids and read up a bit. Then again, I just realized you've already seen the endo by now, so you might be all set.

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Demand an ultrasound asap if you haven't got one yet.


3/10/10 total thyroidectomy, thyectomy, parathyroidectomy, and right central and lateral compartment neck dissection

15 out of the 35 lymph nodes in III, IV, V, and VI that they biopsied had metastatic papillary thyroid carcinoma and there was some "extra nodal extension noted" in the central compartment lymph nodes.

The left lobe of my thyroid gland had a papillary thyroid microcarcinoma 0.2cm

The right lobe of my thyroid gland had a papillary thyroid carcinoma, classic type, 1.1cm

My thymus had to be removed along with an intrathymic parathyroid adenoma. (My right lower parathyroid.)

One of my upper parathyroid glands was accidentally damaged and had to be cut into fragments and transplanted into my right sternocleidomastoid muscle,

BRAF mutation V600E Detected

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

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If this message was meant for me, I have had multiple recent ultrasounds of thyroid and neck now, Hurthle cell neoplasm on FNA (3 sites biopsied of over 8 nodules, only one showed hurthle cell). I have a new visible neck lump since December 2009, and a prior dx of Hasimotos & multinodular goiter. I am having TT - it was postponed because I developed a blood clot/illness. My GP has been thankfully managing my thyroid tests and prescribing medication. I have seen countless endocrinologists over the years that didn't have a clue and never tested for Hashimotos or any other thyroid abnormality. I didn't even have FNA's since 1996 until now, despite my goiter with multiple nodules at varying sizes. I have been on a replacement dose of thyroid med-now natural thyroid since then. I was diagnosed as having Hashimotos based on clinical and lab results. However, I am confused, as the range on my lab result is different from the standard range published at Mayo labs and elsewhere. My diagnosing doctor told me the range was wrong and I had far over the standard range and the result was positive for thyroid peroxidase/ antibodies. I do not see this doctor now and I had the test repeated, my result is 41 IU/mL (previously 40 IU/ML at same lab). The standard range is a “positive” over 9.0 u/mL per Mayo Medical Laboratories, and per Medlabs range, a positive result is greater than 20 IU/ml. While I know lab ranges can vary, everywhere I’ve researched held pretty much to these two ranges. My lab’s range is 0-60 iu/mL. Clinically I have Hasimotos. My lab does have incorrect ranges listed concerning other thyroid tests including TSH range, which has not been updated. According to my diagnosing doctor, I should not have any antibodies in order to have a normal test. I do have a lot of other dx autoimmune disease. Does anyone know more about the ranges concerning this test also referred to as TPO? Wouldn’t it be great if lab test ranges were all standardized?

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