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Sundance vs DaVinci – Round II – “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble”

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In this corner – weighing in at (never mind), the “Master of Disaster”, the “King of Sting”, the “Timex from Texas” – Sundance!

And in this corner, with cold, steely eyes, a nasty disposition, and 5 robotic arms that can pack a knockout punch – you’ll be “hurtin’ for certain” – the DaVinci Robot!

We’re bringin’ it to you live – you’ve got a “ringside” seat to this “winner take-all” event, on the CSN Network. You don’t want to miss a second of the action as these 2 heavyweight titans go head-to-head in one of the most anticipated rematches of our time:)

And for a limited time, the sponsors of today’s bout, the DaVinci robot system, is offering a “special promotion” for all of its Semi;Colon audience – buy One DaVinci surgery – get the 2nd one FREE! LOL:)

Disclaimer: For legal purposes, the above commentary is just my attempt at humor and not
to be taken seriously.


Well, I met with Dr. D yesterday. I had decided that a face-to-face meeting to go over his plan would be better than by phone. It was good to see him actually, very comforting to be back under his care. We put our arms around each other and embraced…it was very warm and reassuring to me. He told me had been thinking about me “alot.”

You know what the 1st thing out of his mouth was?

He said, "Slipped through the cracks, huh?" I had told him that they had let me slip through - and he remembered what I wrote and came in laughing about it - of course they did, but I forgive him.

I’ve known for several months that the tumor was growing and that lung surgery was going to be part of my life again, but I just did not know when. It’s like a train-wreck that you could see coming many miles away. So, now I’ve got to get my mind right to fight again and get ready to head back into battle and try to win this war.

Right now, I look to be about 6-8 weeks out from surgery. I do not have an exact date for surgery just yet, but I will be notified, when they get me on his calendar – Dr. D is a busy man. But, then again, “the best” usually are.

Dr. D said his plan is to have me go to Radiology on the day of surgery – apparently they will run a wire through me, that will stick out of me, with the other end, marking the tumor, so he knows exactly where to go. He referred to it as his “Tumor GPS.” Gotta’ love this guy:)

Then, they take me to surgery and rough me up, spit me out, and dump me in ICU for a couple of days. And hopefully, for the price of admission, he will remove the tumor successfully and this will be The End of it.

As you can see above, we’ll be doing the DaVinci robot surgery again this time, but the plan is, if there are complications, then we back out of that, and go to more traditional means – we all acknowledge and understand that – whatever you need to do, Doc:)

Hopefully, the biopsy results will be negative. We both feel pretty sure about this, but he doesn’t know for sure and neither do I. CEA levels were up slightly, but well within normal ranges, so I don’t think it is anything and not going to worry about it.

Guess what?

Dr. D and I did so good with the 1st ever surgery in NTX, that the hospital bought him a “brand new” DaVinci robot! How great is that?

Yep, you heard it here 1st – I will be operated on with the absolute “latest” DaVinci robot available in the World today! So, I’m still out there on the cutting edge, how exciting!

And as I mentioned many months ago, by being the 1st in North Texas to do lung surgery with DaVinci, we did open up the door for other lung patients to walk through.

And Dr. D tells me that he has now done several more, as a result of all of our hard work and getting his certification as a result. I could not be more proud of that accomplishment – and to hear it validated, just makes you feel good, that you could make a difference for the surgeon and the hospital. It was a gratifying moment.

So, I’ll be “holed up” at St. Paul’s University Hospital this time, on the UTSW campus, “doin’ my time” and “payin’ for my sins.” LOL:)

I’ve thought about my journey on surgeries and surgical procedures (not treatments) and so far…

1 pending DaVinci surgery
4 major surgeries (on 3 major organ systems: rectum / liver / lung)
3 CyberKnife radio surgery procedures
2 surgeries for port install
2 surgeries for port de-install
8 colonoscopies (some to cauterize bleeding after resection)

…and that’s all in under 6-years:)

Have I mentioned, “I’m tired, folks.”

I’m like an old, used car – I’m always up on someone’s rack every year, LOL:)

I come equipped with what the industry lovingly calls, a “Taillight Warranty” – when you can’t see my “taillights” anymore, the warranty is expired:)

But, no worries – all is well – the plan is set – and when the final bell rings…I’ll get back up, emerge victorious, and come back here. “Never fear…Sundance is here” :)

So, the last 4-months of guessing, waiting, and scanning has led up to this post. I would not be in this position if it were not for Angel – she’s the reason for the season – and why I was able to find out what I really needed to find out – and put myself back into this position for what I must do – once more.

When, I think about sitting out the whole year, with this tumor gathering forces, I just shudder at the thought.

Elton John said it best, “Someone saved my life tonight.” And you, Angel, have done just that – we’re all forever grateful for your kindness and generosity – you will never be forgotten.

And before I close, I wanted to welcome all of the new folks who have joined – I’ve not made my way around to everyone, but our paths will certainly cross. Everyone keep up the fight and stay after it, you’ve all got it in you!

Thank you for all of your comments, your help, and your continued support, love, and friendship, over this past year. You’re the big reason that I get up everyday with a smile on my face and come to our community. Being able to stand beside you everyday, makes me realize that I’m a pretty lucky guy:)

As Michael Buffer so famously says before each fight…“Let’s Get Ready to Rumble !!!”

TEAM DaVINCI is Together Again for Round II – time to get after it!


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I am so glad you have a plan in place! Thank goodness for Angel. Thanks so much for sharing your update with us. It sounds like you are in good hands; I am happy for that.

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Good luck with your Davinci rematch. I hope you don't get beat as badly this time. You've got guts. Your opponent is a lot bigger than you and out weighs you by a few thousand pounds. Hopefully the outcome will be positive. As long as it beats down your tumor, that's all that counts. I hope Davinci Jr. Gives you a nice little pep talk before your big match. That's alright. Ain't a machine been invented that can keep a Texan down. You know what the Texas ranger said when he was asked why he was the only one sent to stop a range war? He said " theres only one range war, right?" Hold fast and be Texas tough. I'll be checking up on you and I'll be there to give you a good old Texas boot to the butt if you need it.. I know - our butts have been abused enough.


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I am glad that you have a plan already,hoping and praying for negative results,I enjoy so much reading your posts,they are very informative and at the same time funny and very looooong!!!!

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Joined: Oct 2009

And it sounds like you've got a great one, Craig!

Keep us posted as you find out more details. Best wishes, thoughts, prayers, and vibes!

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You can run but you can't hide. Looks like a go with the DiVinci. Sorry but YUK, you had such a rough recovery last time but now that you know what to expect hopefully it will go smoother this time, but you sure got to be scared about the pain you experienced last time but what the heck, you just do what you have to do.

How is Kim in all this? (Ok nobody jump down my throat) but sometimes it is a little rough on us caregivers too, we are so scared and worried when we see our beloved go through some of this stuff knowing there is not much we can do but be there and be the best caregiver we can (even though we might make a few mistakes, i.e. hovering, talking too much, too many hugs and kisses, too many questions, etc.)

The fight is on and a good fight you will do.

Take care - Tina

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Craig, You are such an inspiration...thank you. And best of luck on your procedure, it'll be fine. God Bless. - Cynthia

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This sounds very exciting for you! Certainly know how hard it's going to be to get your brain around the surgery and recovery AGAIN, but I know you will do what needs to be done and will find the strength you need to get you through. Strengthen your mind and body, then just let things happen for you as they will. Fight, fight, fight!

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I want to place my bet - odds FOR Craig!

Tina, you are right about the caregiver. I, too, have surgery coming up, and while I'm pretty calm, my husband thinks he's more stressed. My last surgery at Memorial Sloan Kettering was a major ordeal. This one should be straightforward - basic repairs, and a look-see. But the 15th floor carries many hard memories for him.

Craig, all my best wishes for a successful surgery and an uneventful recovery.


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I find it very hard to return to a hospital I had prior surgeries, procedures done in, but I guess eventually I will run out of "local" hospitals I can go to ;)

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to have a great relationship with your doctor? I know you will do just fine, Craig and I so much appreciate your honesty in giving us the scoop. You are a blessing to this board and I am so glad that you are on top of this latest rough spot. You are a friend to me just as if you were a neighbor and because you are a friend, I do try to remember the important dates and things in your life. We all care about you.

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Wow, that's allot to ask of a guy to go another round with that procedure. Add another chapter to the book you should be (and probably are) writing. You seem to know the drill now and I believe you will come out on top. Best of luck with it.

kristasplace's picture
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Wow, what a great post! Very entertaining, imaginative, and informative! I'm with Alice, i'm putting all my money on YOU for the win!

I'm so thankful you have all the best technology available there in Northern Tex, and that you're setting precedent for those who will triumph brilliantly as a result of it.

If you're an old car, Craig, i'd say you're definitely a Honda (one that needs a lot of maintenance, but keeps on running just the same)!

I will drop in here periodically to check for your surgery date.


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Craig- I'm so happy to hear of your plan.

My prayer for you is that during the next 6-8 weeks you are given the physical and emotional resources you need to get through this next step. No one has fought harder than you, with a dignity, grace and spirit that is an inspiration. I pray that now, it's your turn to be on the receiving end.


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I am so happy that you now have a plan. This is a releif to me and to alot of here who depend on your wisdom and insight in this fight!

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This is good to hear. Your attitude sounds great Craig.

Be well... Rob; in Vancouver

Fight for my love
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The sooner,the better.I am so glad to know finally you and doctor got a plan.I hate the tumor,I want it to be gone asap.Wish you the best.Good luck with everything.

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So good to hear that you and the doc met and you're ready to go another round. You are amazing. You are inspiring! We're with you all the way!!!


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I am placing my confidence in your upbeat attitude getting you through this next part of your journey.{{{ Xtra warm hugs to you }}}.

Today I took my Mom to Kirklin Clinic which is at the University of Alabama Birmingham campus.I picked up one of those medical magazines advertising the hospital and Lo & Behold what did I start reading but an article about a 5 armed Da Vinci they have at the cancer center here at UAB.The article was about a local woman who had cervical cancer with mets. They used the DaVinci on her and she is doing very well.I didn't get to finish reading the whole article because Mom came out....I thought about 'borrowing' the magazine and taking it back next time...but I didn't. It caused me to think about you and then I log on tonight and here you are talking about Team DaVinci!

Wishing you the best.

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Sounds like a plan, my friend!

Hey, Japan has some great reports saying lung mets can be removed with a curative intent and huge numbers stay well. Wishing that for YOU!


Posts: 1956
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hit 'em with a good submission hold and show no mercy to our deadly opponent ......steve

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You go, Craig!! I know you're tired, dear. Who wouldn't be, after all you've been through? But I'm glad you have a plan, and it sounds like you're more than ready to DO THIS. I'll be praying for you!


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Craig. You are "Texas tough'! Just remember that someone has to go through these things in order for there to be success stories. Success stories are the inspiration that enable others to find the will to fight! You, my friend, are indeed that inspiration. God's blessings to you and to Kim.

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Well Craig you are awesome! I know you feel like the punching bag, but hopefully after this round you can begin a new life! So I'm putting my fighting gloves on and will be there with you, this time it will be in real life human form, and I am sure all semi's will join you in either human form or cyber form. I believe this stuff has whooped up on you one to many times and it is time for it to go.

Will talk to you soon

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The pieces are in place, the game is afoot! Good luck Team Sundance and Team DaVinci!

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You're more like a "Restored Classic"

You'll be fine


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...That you have to go through this again, the tears just cant stop, I know how painful the first one was to get through, and now another one? maybe if this doctor checks also to make sure this tumor is benign where you don't have to go through this for nothing, I'd feel better. Is this the same turkey who wouldn't call you back? went his own way? I'd be afraid of him even touching me with that robot again. This second rematch shouldn't even be happening, and I'm really pissed off that you do have to do this again. I'm sorry, I know you'll get through this, but I'm put off by him, and really worry about you going through this again so soon.

You have my love and hope, and feel you will get through this, this time, I know how scary this is as well, and really wish I could give you a big huge hug. Not happy right now at all.

I hope to hear from you soon, and hope you let us know when this will be happening. I'm sorry this has to happen again :(

Hugssss and loveee,

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Sounds like you have a plan, and "ready to rumble"...that's the right attitude!

We will be thinking of you and you'll be fine. Please keep us updated and take care.


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You have the attitude, sense of humor, intellegence and communication skills that give many of us so much. Lets us all give you a bit of strength from each to prevail. God Bless. Frank

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Go get'em Craig! Glad to know that you will NOT slip thru the cracks again! You can do this and win the FiGht!!!! You can take on the Energizer Bunny later - and I know you will win that fight too!!!

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You are an inspiration to many, including me. Luv ya bud and you're gonna do fine. I'm with Brooks... Kick some azz!!

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And if I were a gambling gal, my bet would be on you!

NEVER give up fighting. You know who told me that, you did!

I am glad you have a great plan in place. I too will be checking in on you and judging by your fan club, you won't get any rest until we hear from you.



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You are good at keeping positive, your humor will make anyone smile. Thanks. Well, just want to wish you good luck and I Pray you don't have to wait too long for surgery. I will keep you in my Prayers. God bless. Margaret

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I wish they wouldn't call it a "da Vinci robot", since it's not a robot. The technique was invented, conceptually, by Robert Heinlein, who called the device used a "waldo". It was in his classic short sf novel "Waldo".


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just kick its azz and come on back home...chin up bud ...its azzkickin' time.....Buzz

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is I love ya MAN!!! You are my hero, and so is your angel. I thank God for such wonderful people out there. Best of luck to you, but you wont need it, you are in good hands and best of all you have the best attitude, nothing especially the cancer is going to keep you down. I will be praying for you, and I cant wait to meet you in Oct..


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