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New staging guidelines and 6 month check NED!

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At 46 I was diagnosed with UPSC stage 1B grade 3 in May 2009. I completed 6 rounds of brachy therapy in Oct 2009 which followed 4 chemo sessions of carbo/taxol. I really feel great!!! Very little side effects to complain about, usual hair loss (regrowth is about 2 inches now),and some foot pain/numbness (which has almost disappeared now) I just had my 6 month check and all is clear with negative Pap and CA 125 at 7.
I had recently learned of a close friends neighbor who had been diagnosed with UPSC roughly same findings as mine via surgery, (mass had not penetrated more than half way thru the uterine wall) and grade as mine, she was treated by the same gyn/onc group as me, however the treament protacol was not the same as mine. They were not recommending the chemmo or radiation. This was due to new staging guidelines recently released by FIGO. I did research this and was able to find new guidelines at the FIGO website and planned to inquire at my next appointment. I was pleasantly surprised to learn from my Onc at my recent 6 month check that yes indeed my 1B stage is now considered 1A !!! I am still relieved that I recieved the chemo/radiation treatment just in case.


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Wow! That is great news. I will have to take a look at the new guidelines. I had uterine cancer 2B not UPSC but needless to say am pleased to hear there are new guidelines and look at the research.

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WOW that is very good news girl.

im Stage 1A and grade 2 i dont understand the grading part much but its good news u are at a beter stage ")

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UPSC and clear cell Stage IIB, NED 1-1/2 years...

Keeping on dancing with NED, it's the best dance ever!



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Hi I was also restaged at my last appointment. Had adeno carcinoma, Grade 3, Stage 2-3 and am now stage 1, , 2a, Grade 2-3. They don't include the positive washings in the new guidelines; thus my new Stage. I did ask if his recommendations for chemo and Megace would've been the same and he agreed it would have. I am glad to have done the chemo. But did end up with a DVT in my groin, that cause could be from surgery, chemo, cancer or Megace. Am on Coumadin for at least 6 months and then get to see the hematologist again.

Knowledge is power and all the great ladies on this post certainly have knowledge.

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interesting. What does this all mean??

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good news as I know staging is not a perfect science end all-- yay great news!!

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