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New Book

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I listened to a radio program in Minneapolis 107.1 FM on Sunday, April 25th around 2:30 pm and they were interviewing an author of a new book called "FLOW" by Allison Stein (sp?). It is about the feminine care hygiene and pharmceutical industry (tampons, hormones, etc.) One of the things discussed was how there was so little research into things such as tampons. Tampons are bleached and a byproduct of the bleaching of the cotton is DIOXIN which is a carcinogenic.
So we have been using products inside our vaginas which have small amounts of cancer causing agents. Did you ever think about the perfume/scented tampons? Why on earth do we need to have perfume in tampons. Also the new drugs that are on the market for young women to stop having their periods all together! There have been no long term studies on these wonderful drugs either....like the early forms of birth control in the early 1960s. My Mom took those early birth control pills and got blood clots in her legs and almost died. She ultimately died of uterine cancer at age 72yrs and now I am a uterine cancer survivor so who knows what impact our marketed feminine care products have had and will have on unsuspecting women yet to be diagnosed. OK...now I am off my soapbox. Sort of...
On a side note I went to the park to get my exercise in this morning and could hear something and smell something...the park was being sprayed with some pesticide or fertilizer (and it wasn't posted)so I ran back to my car with my dog and went to a different park. Meanwhile I watch a young women walk obliviously into the fog. UGGGHHHHHH!!!!

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Here's another that might just help you in the fight of your life.

Foods to fight cancer : essential foods to help prevent cancer / Béliveau, Richard. Details

Easy to read. lots of fab info

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Thanks for the suggestion. I am very concerned about my nutrition also. No pop, coffee or alcohol. Avoiding sugar and white flour...eating organically. It is interesting how motivated one becomes to make drastic changes in ones life to fight cancer and keep it from coming back.

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I will have to check this out. I read close to 6 books a month so this will go in my queue for the near future.

Thank you.

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