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Update on my Hysterctomy and a Question

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on April 16th i had the full Hysterctomy to remove the cancner they said that my tumor was very very BIG. they also ended up having to remove my Appendix as well. this was very painful sugery to have for me. i hated when they pushed me to walk next day i was so out of it the day of im still in alot of pain my scar broke up in some places and bleed the cut was much bigger then i thought it goes up and down my tummy starts above my belly button by the ribs and goes all the way down blow the belly button oh most to my pravits very big scar i was there for 4 days but

the pain pills have messed me up big time i get very dizzy i went in to Menopause right away they said my cancer was due to my body has so much Estrogen in it there for they wont give me nothing to treat the hot flash's sadly

the test came back

they said they feel they got all the cancer praise god i was stage 1A grade 2 how ever

in 6 weeks they want me to undergo radiation because they feel it will come back

my friend said i should ask a 2nd doctor because radiation will make me very sick and she dont think i should do it

my Question for you is what do u think i should do about the radiation has any one elis had to go through radiation after they got all cancer out ?

this scars me big time any advice on it would be nice they tell me i have to do 5 rounds of it through my pravit parts so that scars me to i want to do what is best for me but im a scard


my doctor said i wont be in remison for 5 full years because it can come back yet i thought if they got all cancer u was in remison ? so how long after this does it take to be cancer free ?

Please any advice will help

right now im in bad bad pain still

God bless


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(((Hugs))). I had my big hysterectomy surgery back in October of 2008 and remember thinking "This is what hell must be like", because I just felt so awful. But each day it will get a little better. I think most of us have the huge belly scar from our privates on up, with a loop around the navel and then up an extra inch or so. Please be comforted that the worst is over! You'll want to get off the pain meds as soon as you can as they can constipate you and constipation is dangerous for you right now.

If they recommend radiation, I would do it. I had 28 rounds of external (IMRT) pelvic radiation and 3 rounds of internal (vaginal) brachy radiation. It's not too bad,..at least not compared to the surgery you already got through! With only 5 rounds recommended, I imagine you are talking about the internal radiation. Be sure and ask your radiation oncology nurse for a dilator. You will need to use a dilator after the brachy radiation to keep scar tissue from forming and many doctors don't bring it up. Ask for it and use it so that you will be able to be your old self sexually when all of this is over. You can do this. Ask us anything. We're here to help. You poor thing. It's all so overwhelming at first; my heart goes out to you.

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Thanks for the Advice i had no ideal about the Constipation could be Dangerous the nurses and doctors never told me this all through it hurts very badly when i have to push. i had some green stuff coming from where the JPS bag was ( blood bag ) and the doctor looked at it and said it wasnt anything to be worried over ok so that upset me alot because green stuff i thought ment infection

i also had blood linking from the cut but he said that will happen my cut was glued together i will ask for one of those things u talked of i researched some one also told me to ask for crame ?

Yes they are doing it in my pravit parts again i guse this scars me does it hurt at all ?

also i googled pics of it and it showed one end in your pravits and one end like a ultersound in the butt i was wondering if that is what i was gonna have ?

my poor doctor we have called him at all odd hours of the night since i got home as all of this is new to us and scaring both my husband and my self i had wonderd

about the sex part how i would even get in to the mood with out my insides there but always to a scard to ask that

since in 29 and my log dream of being a mommy is over with i havent let that part hit me yet but im sure it will 1st i have to deal with the roller coster of cancer

i have been having very odd side affects i get very confused alot my doctor clamed it would go away but it has not.

also i get dizzy and some times things that are right infront of me seem so far from me has any of u felt that before ?

i cant expilan the feeling im geting

i will post more soon

God bless and thanks for the advice thanks for sharing your story with me as well how have u been doing since all was removed ?

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Sending healing thoughts your way...stay in touch!


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Dear Apryl,
I was waiting to hear from you. I had to go on cancer.org, to see if you posted anything new.
Glad to hear you only have stage 1. How are you feeling? I am waiting for a pet scan. I am hoping I don't need radation treatments. I would get a second doctor to view your pathology report. I didn't have a tumor, just entire uterus lining painted with cancer cells. Told a stage 2 grade 1a. You don't want your cancer to come back. I know it's scary. Hang in there.
Patti Cordle

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hi i think your the patti i been emailing if so i emailed u but u most have not gotton it ?

Im run down and tried like all the time aww ok ya im stage 1A and grade 2 my tumor the cancer was very big he was socked at how big it was. ya i thought about asking a 2nd doctor if i need radation treatment as this is scaring me how ever i think i would have to travl to Iowa city since i have the best one in des moines all ready so to go there would take alot of time and gas to iowa city and im unsure i can aford that right now and husband cant take time off work so i dont no what elis to do lol

well i best go for now im tried run down need to sleep

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