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i know this is weird but has anyone ever experienced nacer from marijuana?

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someone very close to me in my family is a heavy marijuana smoker and i just wanted to know is there anyone that has ever had causes of cancer from marijuana intake...

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Never heard of it causing CA, but the benifits of using while doing treatment are massive. 1: it helps with nausea, 1: stimulates appitite, very important while going thru treatment. Best thing is to ingest it as smoking would be the thing that would afeect your health, lungs, But ingesting it is OK. Medical marjiuna is becoming more accepted due to the benifits during treatment. I'm a nurse and worked on a pediatric med surg floor, and one of things prescribed by Dr. for kids with CA is mannitol, which is an IV derrivitve of majiuana. So, smoking maybe, but ingesting best thing for CA treatments.

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There are a couple of studies floating around that suggest that marijuana might actually shrink some kinds of tumors... interesting anyway.

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I think a lot of people on the medical marijuana bandwagon miss the fact that smoking is probably not the best means for delivery to obtain the benefits of marijuana while minimizing the risks associated with smoking.

While it's true that the additives (like ammonia) used in cigarettes aren't used in marijuana joints, if you smoke it you're still inhaling smoke. Smoke in your lungs is a bad thing, be it from cigarettes, diesel emissions, campfires, burnt popcorn, or marijuana. Someone classified as a heavy smoker (really, how much are we talking here?) would be increasing their risk of developing conditions associated with smoking.

I'd say the possibility is there. You'll need to spend some time searching primary literature to find documentation. Pubmed will help your case, because secondary sources are going to tend towards the pro-pot camp and are not going to be disseminating information that would seem to undermine their position.

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Wow 14 years after my breast cancer fight there are people willing to talk about this. In my day the my cancer facility wouldn't even admit to a THC pill that I already had heard existed.
I was 36 at time of diagnosis of stage 3 IDC with 11 out 21 positive nodes and HER negative. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol seems to be the two worst things that women can do since it totally affects the estrogen in our bodies something our male counter parts don't have but they too have their risks for breast cancer too.
At least we can still say there is marijuana in the joint still I am not so sure we can still say there is real tobaco in that cig.
I was an athlete my whole life and took care of myself except for that drinking an occationally smoking thinkg. All my friends were shocked that it was me that got it.
I am glad to have read this thread and just know that there are those of us out here who like you are surviving for long periods of time.

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Great answer!

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I don't know about it causing but have heard of it with treatment to suppressive the side effects of the disease and the treatment but here is the kicker that a lot of people don't get to often. It is harsh on your lungs and so ingesting it is better. Also if the patient is post BMT or is immune suppressed the are vary vulnerable to bacterial infections and normal marijuana is rampant with the stuff. IDK if medical marijuana is some how processed to be clean but since it is not federally regulated I would imagine it is not. Also dont trust people selling it to you saying it is clean because they are salesmen looking for profit like any other salesman in this world are generally lacking education and background information on the topic.

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I've heard mixed things, and smoking anything is bad for you. I smoked it during chemo and radiation, which helped a lot with my sleeping, headaches, nausea, and appetite during rads. It was really only because I didn't have access to edibles. One, don't do it if you have a mental health problem, because it can make the problems worse. Two, if you choose, get it in edible or pill form, which is way better than smoking it. I'd say go for it, but avoid smoking the stuff. Cannabis clubs have many alternatives.

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thc the main substance in marijauana is proven to prevent cancer better than most other substances.

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