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Stage IV squamous cell lung cancer

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My mom, 51 years old, was recently diagnosed with stage four squamous cell lung cancer. I'm desperately clinging onto hope, but haven't found any survivors for this type of lung cancer. Are there any survivors out there and which treatments did you undergo?

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I am a survivor (48 at time of initial diagnosis) of squamous cell carcinoma in both the head/neck and the lung. In October of 2005 I had a lengthy surgery to remove cancer on my tongue and in my neck, followed by chemotherapy (cisplatin) and radiation (33 of a scheduled 35 treatments).

In June of 2007 my doctors discovered growth in my lungs. In fact, they thought they found cancer in both lungs and returned to my head/neck area. They told me I had 10 months to live, more or less.

A few months later they corrected that assessment, but I still had SCC in my right lung (lowest lobe), so they did a lobectomy, followed by more chemo (carboplatin and taxol).

There have been some rough spots along the way, but I'm still here and glad of it. (Now NED -- No Evidence of Disease.)

It is not an easy-to-accept diagnosis, I know first-hand, either for mom or her family. But accept it you must. And then deal with it.

Coming here is a good start. There are any number of survivors of stage 4 lung cancer on board who will hopefully add their own advice.

In the meantime, please read back on this board as much as you can and spend some time in at least a couple of other boards, the Caregivers and the Emotional Support boards, as they can pay you huge dividends as a caregiver while also making mom's journey easier.

Welcome to a crummy club, by the way, due to 'membership requirements', but a club consisting of some really terrific people, warm, kind, and giving folks.

Best wishes to mom and her family.

Hope and Humor!

Take care,


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Thank you so much for your reply. It's encouraging to know that many have lived past "the deadline" predicted by doctors. My mom's spirit is lifted up whenever we find these stories of hope. Do you know any additional information about squamous cell carcinoma specifically in the lung? And have there been more effective regimens?

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Last year, my sis was diagnosed with head/neck cancer (also squamous cell carcinoma). She underwent a disfiguring, 18 hour surgery for this repair. Then, approximately 30 radiation and chemo. A year later, they've found a mass on her lung. They're saying stage 4 squamous cell, a matastasis. I saw u beat it, how many years strong? She has three young children (6, 9, 11). They'll need lots of help! Shes 36 years old, a marathon runner & crazy healthy! Any advice is super helpful and thank u!! we are all so incredibly freaked out!!

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