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Returning to Work

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Nana b
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Well I have healed after my hernia operation and feel better after taking time off from work. I was out two months and missed work so much. I am not a person to stay home, especially if I am disable and can't do a thing. Now hand me some millions and I will see what I can do, that is go, go, go. lol

Take Care Friends. Still NED and praying, 2.2 was my CEA.

Smile, it's good for you! XXXXXXXX

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Hi Raquel,

It is great to hear you continue to do so well!

Keep smiling!

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Joined: Jan 2009

I am glad to see you are doing better keep it up congrats on NED. keep going


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Glad you are doing good,good luck and I hope all goes well,and you stay NED.

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you know what..it seems like yesterday we limped along through chemo....and now you are going back to work.

If I had a million dollars I would put it in the mail for you today :) :)

all the best


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I'm so glad to hear you're still doing so well, Raquel! Glad you had some fun while you were off, too.

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Hope you get back to work and enjoy it tons!


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This is really good news. So glad for cea of 2.2 and NED.
Take care

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Enjoy your time back to work. I know what you mean about the million. Heck.... I'd love to give a cool million to everyone on this board. There is no more deserving group.

Take care now.


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Great to hear you going back to work!!! I am so excited for you. I have been giving it a LOT of thought too. Sometimes I feel like I am just hanging around the house...day by day...just waiting on what "might" happen. I want to go back to "life" in somewhat the way I use to live. I too was very WORK orientated. 60+ hours per week.... had a very demanding position with multi-million dollar contracts..... AND ran a home based business!! WOW....where did all that energy go???? LOL..... I think I want to grow up and be a convenience store clerk.... no pressure...lots of people interaction....FUN! ..... for real.... Motomart here I come! You take care and have FUN with that job.


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Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

No convenience stores, too many shootings over a six pack of beer! I was HR for a convenience store chain! :-) But I know what you mean! I hope I get my full energy back, I have lost the urge to clean or cook. So now I have a cleaning lady. After three surgeries, I am not sure where to begin. lol

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Thats great, But remember the great work you did getting yourself well, and remember the work you need to do to stay well,

Out, and in the work force we tend to loose track of keeping up with our health because we get busy,

So as you get back to work, take time to smell the roses and live life like i know you will,

You look great in your photo and I am sure you will do great back at work, (what do you do? manage millions of dollars? lol).

I myself have thought of getting my masters and I just might still even though i have been just told i need to go back on chemo for six months, i want to enrol in the fall.

Live Love Work

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Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

I am in charge of Human Resources and oversee employees, who ship personal products to the US and overseas from China. Thanks for the advice!

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LOL, Nana:)

You're tanned, rested, and Cabo is a distant memory...

Sounds like you are ready to go! Good luck, you'll be back in the routine in no time. It always feel good to walk back after being out on disability - gives you a sense of control and that you still call a few shots...

Your CEA sounds good and glad you are still well and feeling good after your surgery - hard to believe it was a couple of months ago, amazing how the time goes by.


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Good to hear you're anxious to be up and about again, Raquel! You go girl, just be sure to not overdo it! Great news about your most recent CEA.

You take care!!

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Glad to hear you feel strong enough to get back out into the world. I returned to work six months after my surgery. I've been working since Dec. and finished up Chemo in March. I feel good but get more tired than before it all (it has only been 4 wks since my last Chemo) My CEA remains at 1 but my platlets are still low. In return mostly in the afternoon my body gets extremely tired - so I try to get the most important things done in the morning. I take the time at lunch to close my eyes and put my feet up and that seems to take the edge off. All and all it has done me well keeping my mind and body active. It's good to be around people and outside - the stimulation is good. Well best of luck and make sure you pack up that nutrition every day don't let work get ahead of you. Keep a healthy diet it's the most important part of staying in the race. NO MORE MEALS ON THE RUN. Leafy salads and tuna for lunch. THE BEST.

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