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Post Surgery 4 weeks PSA test is undetectable big fat 0, zero, nothing….

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Got the call for my results on my first PSA test 4 weeks after surgery from (which was last week) Dr. Catalona office at Northwestern. My Urologist will give me one at 6 weeks then 12 weeks… I was walking down the beach at my mobile rang I saw the doctors office calling me assuming with the results for my first PSA test last week…When the nurse starting talking I knew it was going to be good news…Well my first test at 4 weeks is undetectable big fat 0, zero, nothing….
Perhaps I am premature but I did call the Carolina Regional Cancer Center and cancelled my consultation appointment for radiation treatments tomorrow and will reschedule if need be after my 12 week PSA test…. I am happy for the moment and will take that hope for the day….I will live large tonight and have fried grouper for dinner!!!!

Best to all as we wrestle with this beast

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Congratulations on reaching a number that we all, interestingly enough, would have hated receiving on a test in school!

You've got to get this printed on a T-shirt... "ZERO... ZERO... YOU'RE MY HERO!"

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Congrats on that 0. It is a wonderful feeling when we hear that 0. Only bummer is we have to keep repeating the tests always with a little doubt in our mind.
But for now eat the Grouper!!!! Wish I could join you since I love Grouper.


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Celebrating with you!!

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Way to go bdhilton! May your zero's continue.

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Great News. Congrats. May the 0's keep coming. Enjoy the grouper. Have a little wine too, or a nice cold one.


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I actually had a pint with dinner plus the fried grouper…living large…have a good weekend…I will be back in Atlanta on Sunday night…

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Thats perfect even after just 4 weeks!!!! May many more zeros be in your future....YES another member of the desired part of this club! Just got back from the week off with son and mom finishing up at the Biltmore Estate which we toured all day on Thursday. Live it up!


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Ashville is a great town and about 3 hours from where I am in Atlanta... We are heading home in the morning....I will take each zero as it comes but it is a good feeling at least until I take the 6 week, 12 week, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month then the 12 month after surgery...So for me 7 PSA tests the first year after surgery....Will need to refine my stress techniques :-)

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I am so happy for you. May you continue to be in the zero club for years to come.


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thanks to all for you wishes...zero zero is my hero for sure and it would be nice to get these moving forward but I will take it one day at a time and live large....best to all

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Congrats to you, and keep them coming. Those phone calls are reason to celebrate.

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Congratulations BD,

I am glad for you. I wish you more fat zeros for the next PSA tests.


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