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I was prescribed the Orbison ErecAid. I am 52 years old and was diagnosed with PC in Nov. 09. I underwent a DiVinci on Jan. 26 2010. I am also on Cealis. I've been very compliant with both, but results are discouraging. Sometimes I feel as tho I have an erection but it is not what is was before surgery (for lack of a better metaphor "semi-limp-noodle ). I realize that this is a silly complaint and that I am very lucky. My question is( 1.) Should I use it (pump) more than once a day? (2.) Even tho I am not going to have sex with my wife, is it reasonable to apply the ring and just maintain an erection for 30 min. and then remove it?

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Use it as often as you can...twice a day preferably ...reason...just getting the blood to the tissue is the main purpose in order to keep the tissue from atrophying while the nerves take time to repair themselves.

thats my advice.

Randy in indy

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Thanks for the reply Randy. I use it before showering at night. Guess I'll do quick morning shower now.

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I have even taken it in the shower with me....lol Mine is working with the generic Viagra so not using it much now... We had the same surgery team except Hollensbe was driving the robot and Scott was bedside on my surgery. I would be very interested in your out come and how you are doing? Here's my stats in case you have not seen them before.

52 years old
PSA 9/09 7.25
PSA 10/09 6.125
Diagnosis confirmed Oct 27, 2009
8 Needle Biopsy = 5 clear , 3 postive
<20%, 10%, 10%
Gleason Score (3+3) 6 in all positive cores
11/09 Second Opinion on Biopsy slides from Dr. Koch
(4+3) = 7 5%
(3+4) = 7 10%
(3+4) = 7 10%
Endorectol MRI with Coil - Indicated the Palpal tumor was Organ confined
da Vinci 12/29/09 - Dr. Hollensbee & Scott
Post Surgery Pathology:
Prostate size 5 x 4 x 3.5 cm Weight: 27 g
Gleason: Changed to (3+4) = 7
Primary Pattern 3, 80%
Secondary Pattern 4, 18%
Tertiary Pattern 5, 2%
Tumor Quantitation:
Greatest Dimension, Largest tumor focus: 19 mm
Additional Dimension 18 x 15 mm
Location, largest tumor focus: Right posterior quadrant
Multifocality: Yes
Greatest dimension second largest focus 10 mm
Location: second largest focus: Left Posterior quadrant
Extraprostatic extension: Yes
If yes, focal or non-focal: Nonfocal
If yes: location(s) right and left antero-lateral
Seminal vesicle invasion: No
Cancer at surgical margin: No
If no, closest distance with location: less than 1 mm, right posterior quadrant
Apex involvement: No
Bladder involvement: NO
Lymph-vascular invasion: No
Perineural invasion: Yes
Lymph nodes: 9 from right pelvic 0/9 positive
Stage: pT3a, pNo, pMX
All nerves sparred - found two additional pudendal arteries


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