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Clinical Trials

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Clinical Trials

My wife has stage 4 colon cancer with mets to liver and lung. She recently tested positive for the KRAS mutation so the 3rd line choice of chemotherapy (Cetuximab) will not be effective. Her oncologist told me we have a choice of going back to the Folfox regimen or look at clinical trials at a “University.”

My question here is has anyone been in a clinical trial or had a relative involved? What was your experience and did it help?

She has had treatment with FOLOX, FOLFIRI for two and a half years.

PS When I spoke with her doctor he was open minded about treatment but did share this is a progression of her cancer – and I know that.



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Look for a post from Peterw, he recently posted about his clinical trial update at John Hopkins. He too has liver and lung mets and his trial is Sorafenib with Erbitux and it seems to be working for him.

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Welcome to this board. My hubby also has liver and lung mets.

Look for Peter's post, it may be down a few pages, but he is having very good results with his clinical trial. Ask your onc about the one he is on.

You may also want to check the Colon Club, might be some good information for you on there.

Good Luck - Tina

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Hi David, I just finished a year on ironotecan and avastin. Prior to that I did 6 mo. of oxy. I also tested positive for the KRAS mutation. It does cause us some limitations. Read what Peter said, it was encouraging. I have mets to my lungs and nothing else at this time. I have an appointment on 4/19 to meet with Dr's at UCSF. I am not sure what they will bring to the table, but my Dr. here said that he felt they would have more options then he had. My mets have not grown - but are not going away. I was beginning to have more side affects from the chemo and my Dr. wanted me to be healthy to try something new that can work. At first I was stunned, as I thought I could stay on my drugs forever....but, I guess not! I have been waiting for about 7 weeks now, but my Dr. wanted me to have time to do some recovery and get the other meds out of my system so I would be ready for whatever SF had for me. It is discouraging, but on the other hand, we have a lot of drugs to still try!! Keep the faith. Jean

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Thank You-this is helpful!

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I first was on Folfox alone in 07. Then on folfiri with avastin in 08. On maintenance of xeloda and Avastin in 09 and now back on folfox with Avastin. so far so good. I go to UCSF. I just had my 8th treatment last Monday and my blood count came back today. Not one line showed H or L...high or low. All my counts are normal. So going back on used treatment sometimes works. God bless you

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