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Will I Finally

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did it.

I got my first tatoo on Saturday and it wasn't as painful as I thought, and my pain threshold is NOT high. The only time it was really bothersome was when she would go over the same spot a few times.

I got the Blue Colon Cancer Ribbon on my right shoulder with survivor on one of the ribbon arms.

My husband was very surprised when I told him what I was doing, but after discussions, he didn't mind, but did ask if this was something I planned on doing several times. At that moment, I said no.

I don't have a digital camera, but when I get chance, I will get a pic and post.

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That sounds awesome nudgie! I can't wait too see the pics, I have always been too chicken to get a tat!


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mine is on my wrist its a heart that is broken in half,and i will get the blue ribbon soon.


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I have a few "three" tattoo's myself. My wife has a sketch of one she wants done, it would be her first. She has been planning this for at least 5 years, she is always waiting for something, lose a little more weight, money....I give her grief about it but in a good natured way as I dont believe you should "talk someone into" getting a tattoo. She will get it when and if she is ready.
I have a plan for one myself and if this next scan is clean I plan on getting it done. I want what is commnly refered to as a "tall ship", It is actually a Frigate and if you are familiar with the either the 'Constitution' or the 'Constellation' they are both good examples. Any way I want that type of ship with a solid red flag flying from the main mast. the red flag in the days of piracy was a warning that no quarters were to be given to the ship or the crew that the pirates had targeted. Quarters did not refer to loose change ;) but instead that no one would be spared, in actuallity this didnt happen often in during the days of priacy...wow I am rambling now, enough of the history lesson. "Greybeard" has been figuritively flying that flag as a warning to cancer for a number of years now. One pennat would show the blue ribbon, and then our family crest would also be displayed from a flag on the fore sail. I have been waiting for a one year anniversary of NED to do this. I am hoping next month that will happen and I also hope my wife will go with me to finally get hers done.
Congrats on the tat, I know not eveyone is in favor of tattoo's and for myself I could never get a full body, or my face and hands done, just personal issues. But I also believe when you get one that signifies something in your life they can a special and a wonderful reminder of something grand.

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Michelle I hope in time that "broken heart" of yours is mended with warm memories of all you shared with your husband and each time you see it that it brings you peace instead of pain.
Time will never take away what you shared but may it soften the jagged edges left from your lose.

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You are right about that and said so nicely thank you


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I swore I would never get a tatoo. But, I was thinking about getting a blue ribbon on my shoulder too. With (Survivor 2009-) below it. Can't wait to see the pic!


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Nana b
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I have some red lips tatood on my ........lol

I'm sure every time I get a colonoscopy, I will get a smile!

PS, Greybeard....... oh, what a reminder!

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Nudgie - You're my new shero.

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Can't wait to see your pics of your tattoo. Love to get one myself.

Fight for my love
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That sounds pretty cool!I am looking forward to seeing the picture.

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