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One Week Post Liver Resection

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update from my blog:

One week post-surgery and I am now recouperating at Miracle House, with Lee, Katie, Julie and a weekend visit from the kids. (peaceful R&R???). I feel like someone beat the snot out of me with a brick. I have one long L-shaped scar on my torso, so as you can imagine, the scabby, tight sutures and soreness of the area limits mobility. But, One step at a time, one stretch at a time, one lap at a time to return to strength and comfort. Heck, I've been through enough surgeries this past year, I know the drill by now!

Kate & I took a stroll around the neighborhood today. I alternated between wheelchair and walking and hoping Katie wasn't going to pull a "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?" on me. That's all I need is to be catapulted out of the wheelchair onto a dog-poop filled New York Sidewalk!!!

My oncologist, Dr. Lo, called me last night and was so happy to hear the news of my successful surgery.

I'll see Dr. Fong Monday for a follow-up and hopefully he will have the pathology on the removed tumors.

I asked the rounding Doctor the other day - "So, does this mean I'm cancer-free?" "Yes"

I will have a lot of mental and emotional transitioning to do in addition to my physical rehab. After a year of complete and utter Fear, Sadness, Pain, Confusion, I now need to "live" in a new way I suppose.

Thank you all for your support and well wishes.


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Hi Peggy,

"L-Shaped" Scar! Mine's a lovely long arch that parallels the rib cage. It goes quite well with the vertical colon Rx and hernia scars!

Cancer Free! WOW! What great news!

Giving thanks... Rob; in Vancouver

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Hi Peggy....what good news to hear from you....yup she's a bit of a kicker that surgery..

haha I just went to look in the mirror at my scars...just like Rob a big long arc starting at hip going up to breast bone meeting colon scar....yesirreee Peg....we have some fine looking abs....

keep up the walking and be cancer free

hugs, mags

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Cancer free is music to all our ears!

Wishing you the very best.


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I'm so glad to hear you did so well and are cancer free!

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Good job Peggy. I have been watching your blog for an update. Now take it easy, one day at a time. Do they know when you can come home to Chicago? Enjoy New York as much as you can and congratulations. Tina

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It is so good to hear from you! Aren't scars lovely. I guess we won't be wearing bikinis this year, oh well, they do make cute one piece suits also! I was hoping that the surgeon would make my resection scar match my gallbladder scar, but he just went straight down the middle. My husband said I looked like a fillet-o-fish.

Glad you did not get left on the streets of NYC, but you could have made the news! Have a nice weekend with the family but make sure you get some rest.

Will continue to pray-think good thoughts etc until you get home!

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I'm glad you're doing well and look forward to even better reports soon.


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Congrats. You make us all hope! Praying for a speedy recovery and back to your new normal life.

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I am excited to hear you did good, i will have liver surgery soon also and its good to know how it went, I hope you are cancer free and will soon be done with this mess for a while.
take care and recover well, ( i want to say fast but I know that would not be good, take it slow and stay as active as possible). I can't believe they are letting you wonder the NY streets, It must be nice weather up there now?

Have a great day, tomarrow you can say, I am alive from NY it's Saturday Night<:
Live,Laugh, Play

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Great news Peggy. I'm having liver surgery soon like Winnie. It's good to hear another success story.

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Fantastic news, Peggy! I am glad you are doing so well,+ "cancer free" must sound like magic to the ears! Thanks for this update.

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Hey, Peg

I got an "L" too!

That's a tough surgery, they opened me for a liver resection, but changed over to RFA, and that one pops too - and you're right, the mobility and the pain is a whip. I love your attitude about getting it back one step at a time.

You're beautiful - and cancer free too - I remember how scared you used to be.

I'm so happy for you!


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That is some awesome news! I wish I can get to Dr. Fong! I'm hope you take it one step at a time, and keep walking, you'll be good to go in no time! no more cancer! brings tears to my eyes even thinking about that! I'm very happy for you! Can't wait till you are all better!

When do you think you'll be able to go home?


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