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Vaccine Would Target Prostate Cancer Cells

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I am goingto look into this a bit more but apparently a number of reseach facilites are working on this...The below is about what University College Cork (Ireland)released back in February this year...

The vaccine uses DNA to stimulate the immune system, which enables the vaccine to target cancer cells while ignoring healthy cells, Dr. Mark Tangney and Dr. Safraz Ahmad wrote in the journal Genetic Vaccines and Therapy.

Tangney and Ahmad, through laboratory trials, have established how the vaccine would be used, and in what quantities, in post-surgery treatment, The Irish Times said.

The vaccine would compliment existing treatments which involve surgical removal of a tumor and radiotherapy by destroying cells that migrate from the surgical site to other parts of the body. (c) UPI

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Interesting link on prostate news


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Provenge is also a vaccine. A personalized vaccine. They start with a blood sample, do some magic with it, and then put the special stuff they made back in. Provenge is probably going to be FDA approved for HRPC very soon, like this summer. Links in the Provenge thread.

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