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kkstek Karen please

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I am curious to know if you eventually tried the Alpha Lipoic Acid for your neuropathy? On reading about it I note that it is also supposed to have a positive effect with regard to cancer. 600 mg a day seems to be the maximum toleration without side effects. I am going to give it a go...nothing venture!!! Will start on 300 mg a day and see if it has an effect on this cynic!

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Yes, I have been on alpha lipoic acid for many months. I have been taking one 600 mg. tablet. I honestly can't tell you for sure if it is helping. I had thought it was but lately, I have had some days where the pain seems worse.

I find that sometimes I forget what it was like "before". SO....when I finish my current bottle, I am going to do a little trial and not take any for awhile....and see if I notice a difference. I know it does take several weeks to build up. Also, IF I get more I will probably get 300 mg. tablets and take them twice a day...maybe spreading the dosage out over the day would help.

Best wishes!


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How are you?

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