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Seeds Implanted yesterday

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Had the seed implant procedure yesterday. It was so uneventful and relatively painless. Took about an hour, had 87 sees implanted. I was fortunate to work it out where Dr. Critz who is considered by many to be the best implant surgeon in the nation if not the world. I asked him how many procedures they had done and he said over 12,000. I go back this morning to have the catheter he hooked me up to yesterday removed. I will know soon if there are any complications with incontinence but Dr. Critz is fairly confident I'll be fine. As a reminder to those who read my earlier posts as gadan1 I had a PSA of 5.2, a Gleason of 4+3. So far I am very pleased with my choice of the seed procedure.

I will post as things change, but again I wish to thank everyone who offered me encouragement and support these past 3 months. The hardest part was making the choice of treatment. Guys, if your where i was 3 mo ago, trust me, it is not the end of the world. I think it is natural to think about the worst scenario, but it accomplishes nothing to worry about what might be when the odds are the worst wont be where you are later.

One last bit of advice. Read as much about PC as your able to absorb. By doing that, when you make the choice, you will be much more confident about that choice.

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Glad to hear all went well and that you'll be getting that #@!*& catheter out today. :)

One piece of info you need to know in advance of your next PSA checkup. Do NOT expect your PSA to be ZERO. As long as you have a prostate, it will produce "some" PSA so DON'T panic.


hopeful and opt...
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By the way, where is Dr. Critz located...........Ira

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Dr. Critz is in Atlanta. I visited him before I chose my davinci surgery. Nothing wrong with Critz he is very knowledgeable. I felt that I was being led to Surgery by various things that happened to me.


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In my post, It reads that Dr. Critz had personally done 12,000 surgeries. He was referring to how many had been done at the Radiotherapy Clincs of Georgia. He personally has performed thousandsv over the past several decades.
Over the past few months I was torn between Watchful Waiting, Davinci, and Prostate Seed Implants. I can only speak for myself in choosing seeds. In no way am I saying the other choices are bad choices. Nothing could be further from the truth.
It is now 36 hours after the implants and 12 hours after the removal of the catheter. The only pain I have felt so far was the catheter removal, and that only lasted about 5 seconds. I walked out of the clinic, went shopping with my wife, and went home to take a nap. I tried out a pad to make certain I did not leak while sleeping. Nothing came out. Will that change after the treatments, I do not know but I am told the odds are remote that It will. I kept telling my wife all afternoon how great I felt and how relieved I feel. Things could change tomorrow or at any time in the future, but I feel amazingly confident that I made the right choice for me.

You asked about Dr. Frank Critz. He is at the Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia at 2349 Lawrenceville Highway, Decatur, GA 30033. (1-800-952-7687)

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Good to hear things are working out well for you. I was torn between Dr. Critz's treatment or surgery, and spoke with Dr. Critz several times. However, based on my specific situation, I chose Di Vinci surgery.
Great success on the continued treatment and keep us posted.


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Larry, I'm an Atlanta boy and looking for good doctors..maybe davinci....could ou please tell me who you used and a little about your quality of life following treatment?? Ralph

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Hi Ralph

I live in the Fayetteville area and have used Dr. Scott Shalfo with Georgia Urology for several years. When he diagnoised my PC, we discussed lots of options. Dr. Shalfo is a surgeon and had been trained on the DiVinci, but had only done 100 or so operations. Dr. Scott Miller is also with Georgia Urology at Northside Hospital and is one of the pioneers in Robotic surgery around Atlanta. He's done around 1,200 procedures so I chose him.
My surgery was done on Dec 3rd and I went home the next day. The Cath came out a week later and I began using the pads. I'm not at one pad per day to contain the leakage accidents that happen when you strain yourself like getting up from a chair after sitting a while or sneezing/coughing.
My post surgery PSA came back "Zero", which makes me very happy. I'm still not having success with the Viagra, but the Doc says it may take up to a year and there's always a possiblity it may not return because he chose to remove one of the nerve bundles as a precaution due to concentration of the cancer cells on one side of my prostate.
So right now it's been around 10 weeks and I'm doing very well. Dr. Miller is very pleased.
I had a PSA of 4.01, Gleason score of 3+3 (6) and I'm age 66 (67 now).
Hope this helps you. Where are you located?


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Please tell me how you came up with your gleason score?

My DH had a gleason score of 2@ 6 and 4@ 7......

are you saying that you had 3# 3 and 3@3 to total 6 ?

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my boyfriend was diagnosed in dec and we are still research treatment options. I see that you had the seeds, which we are considering. What can you tell my since your last post that would help us in the decision?

Thanks and I hope all is well.


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Good luck as you progress in your cancer treatment.. I believe that we all chose different paths of treatment and as long as we do take this seriously and get treatment peace of mind follows....Good luck and keep us posted on your upcoming results...

A cancer survivor myself....Nick

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would like to know how you are doing today?
i am leaning this way in raleigh,nc dr bennet

any advice will help

Mark in Atlanta 49
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Hey Gadan...I am also going to Dr. Critz. I am 49 yr old with what was a high PSA of 19 and now down to 4.7 after being on Rx Cypro, but the biopsy recently done at another Urologist showed I had PC. The first 2 Drs wanted to do the Open Radical or Robotic Surgery. After more research I found out about ProstRcision and Dr. Critz. I am heavily leaning towards them. Now that it has been nearly a year for you, how are you? Any complications? You have any tips/advice. Thank You! Mark

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