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PET Scan

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Anyone having problems with insurance paying for PET scans? My sisters last two were deemed medically unneccassary or experimently. Yet both found reacurrance of uterine cancer.

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I usually have CAT-scans which my insurance does cover. Doc told me if he were to request a MRI or PET scan they might not cover, as depends on circumstances. I had one CAT and found something on my liver (spots). He then requested a higher level scan which was MRI, which insurance did cover. Go figure!

If I'm correct, the PET and MRI's are more expensive, therefore, the CAT is somewhat of the insurance "standard"... anyone agree?

Best to you!

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My doctor told me that PET scans are not paid for by insurance for uterine cancer, but are for ovarian cancer. Some people have gotten approval for the PET scan through their insurance. Linda did get her PET approved because of reoccurrence. Each insurance is different. I think Mary Ann (Daisy) had to reapply to her insurance several times to get it covered for her.

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