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Friday Riddle Answer

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CONGRATS to robinvan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RIDDLE: A rich old lady died and left all her money to her grandchildren and her children. At the end of the will she stated that she had one last thing to give away: her precious diamond. She gave a clue to where it might be. She said "it's in a cylinder surrounded by a thousand squares." One grandchild said, "I know where it is" and found it. Where was it?

ANSWER: In a roll of toilet paper

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Could it be in a kaleidoscope?

(I LOVE kaleidoscopes!)

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I just counted the squares in my "Pillowy Soft Purex!"

TTFN... Rob; in Vancouver

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Wow, very clever, Rob! Would never have thought of that!

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