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Stomach Gurgles ?

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I have been noticing my stomach has been making lots of noise for the last month. I especially notice it first thing in the morning and sometimes at other times.

I have been taking Xeloda since Sept and I just started Avastin about a month ago. I mentioned it to my Onc and he didn't seem concerned about it. I had gurgling noises before I was DX a year ago. I know I am very paranoid now about any thing different in my body. I have not had a scan since Avastin was added.


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I have them alot and just tell it to be still I am on Xeloda but just figured it wanted more to eat I seem to be hungry all the time. my onc said the medication can cause you to either not eat at all our eat all the time. I am trying to find a middle ground so as not to put back on all the weight I lost one thing about cancer is it makes a diet you can't fail at tried all my life to lose it and it took cancer to get it off...

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Hey Brenda - I haven't had the kind of stomach gurgles you are talking about, but I do understand about paying close attention to everything the feels different in my body. It's such a fine line between paying attention and being paranoid. Sorry I cant help. Aside from the gurgles, I hope you are doing well.

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I had very loud bowel sounds just before my dx. I also had them when I was constipated a few weeks ago but not loud like pre dx!

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I have just completed my first cycle of Xeloda after coming off of Folfox. The Xeloda is doing a job on my stomach/bowels that Folfox never did.Don't know why...


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Thank you everyone. I have an appointment with a new Dr at Fox Chase on Wed and my loud stomach gurgles are on the question list. I have been very nervous about everything for the last few weeks.


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