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9 polyps removed-level of concern?

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Hello everyone

I'm a head and neck cancer patient and spend most of my time over there. Anyway I had a colonoscopy on Thursday and they found and removed nine polyps. Doctor told wife in recovery room he didn't think it was a big deal, not cancerous was his opinion. Given my history of cancer already I'm a bit concerned, the guy next to me only had three polyps. Waiting on pathology next week. So is nine polyps excessive and cause for concern?

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I have a step brother who has had 'hundreds' removed, many at one time, and all have been 'fine'... not even precancerous. Most gastro guys see so many polyps that they can guess pretty accurately. Sounds like good news to me.

Can you take aspirin? Do a search on Aspirin and colon cancer. If you can add it, Vit. D3, Calcium to your diet, DO it! Also, avoid red meat.

Will you let us know when you get the results back?

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And i thought nine was excessive. So what your saying is that just by looking at the pictures they have a fairly good idea? I'm trying to stay on my oral cancer side if possible, isn't one cancer enough? Thanks for the reply.

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I don't believe the number of polyps is what determines if it's cancer at all. I was already stage IV when I was diagnosed and I only had one polyp- which ended up being a tumor after all. Some people have been found to have conditions where their colon does grown numerous polyps. Some of these will not ever grow to be cancer, but all cancerous tumors started out as polyps- some benign at the start and some cancerous from the start.

So, if the GI dr. said he doesn't believe yours are cancerous, he's probably right.I know waiting for the biopsy lab results is very nervewracking to say the least, but it sounds like they'll be normal. My GI dr. knew right away even before the biopsy results came back that my one polyp was actually a cancerous tumor, just by looking at it.

With that said, however, and seeing that you may have a propensity to develop polyps, I would definitely follow Diane's advice to add calcium, vitamin D-3, and avoid red meat from now on. It would also be good to also take a resveratrol (red grape seed extract) as well. I'm sure other people will have additional advice. An ounce of prevention is worth it! If you've never had your vitamin D level tested, ask for it to be done asap. Vitamin D deficiencies have now been tied to colon cancer. I didn't have mine tested until a year and a half after my dx and my level was only at 13, when the minimum level should be 32 and for good colon health it should be at least 50 or higher (but never higher than 100). After supplementing for a year at 6,000 IU a day, my level is now in the 60's.

Best wishes to you and let us know how the biopsy results come out.


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nine is unusual, but not concerning by themselves. Any more than three or so (considered normal) are something to be (chemo brain can't think of the word) diligent (all I could come up with) in observation (anyone have a thesaurus?). What the heck is that word? grrrr - my brain hurts.

At any rate, don't miss those checkups. If you have that many polyps perhaps annual colonoscopies rather than once every five.

Remain diligent (again, not the exact word I am looking for but you get the idea)!


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polops removed from inside mine and they were not cancer but left unattended they would have become cancer and than a C scan revealed a soft ball size tumor on the outside of my colon 34 nnodes removed 19 were cancerous...but I beat it...so don't give up..

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First I'll get pathology tomorrow and will update. second ever since the colonoscopy I been having back pain down both sides and lower kidney area. It wasn't there before the procedure at all. I assume cutting polyps out hurts and takes a little healing??

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Doctor called today said 8 negative. I had one three times bigger than the others and it was pre-cancerous. He wants to see me in three years. Sounds good??

Still have a little pain that started immediatedly after the colonoscopy around the lower left back kidney area. Nothing much in pain doesen't even require an aspirin but it wasn't there before this procedure. asked the doctor and he said it sounds unrelated that my pain should be around the belly button. I just don't believe him. How do you cut out and cauterize nine polyps without pain for a couple of days. Has anyone had pain after a colonoscopy?

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Great news. 8 negative and 1 only precancerous sounds very good.

Good for you for getting a colonoscopy and catching this early. That what us cc folks like to hear.

I had 1 polyp removed in July and 1 removed 2 weeks ago. I did not have any pain with either. I could see that nine at the same time might cause pain. I'd call the dr again tomorrow. I wouldn't want to go the weekend worrying about it.
Take Care,

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I don't think the pain you are having is normal. If you get worse or have a fever you should get to the emergency room. It could be you are developing a kidney infection, or there could be a complication from the colonoscopy, one of the risks of a colonoscopy is perforating the colon, don't want to scare you, but the papers we sign before having one state this clearly. You should have your discharge and preop papers, look them over, they tell you what symptoms to watch for and when to seek medical attention.I had several polyps removed, and biopsy done on areas of the colon, with no pain or even bleeding after. It could also be that they moved you around a little when you were out for the procedure, I have noticed sore areas after I have been out before, like maybe where they had hold of my arms to move me. I hope everything is ok and you feel better soon.

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After my 9 were removed today, orders relayed to me was retest again in 1 year.

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I know your angst.  I just had 9 removed today.  In recovery, nurse said all was ok.  Never heard from Doctor though and he was supposed to call.  I'm pessimistic now.  He's waiting for pathology, as he's probably uncertain, but my swollen lymph nodes tell me I better brace myself.  My heart goes out to all cancer patients and survivors.  It's a hard road to travel, but life is worth the fight.  I wish you all the best.

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