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Don;;t forget to move clock an hour ahead this Sat nite/Sun morn:

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That time of the year again to change clocks one hour ahead. For those in pain or not feeling too well, thats one less hour of suffering; for those doing OK-thats still one less hour of suffering....Hope all are well this rainy Friday in New York......steve

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I work this Saturday night, and am so excited that I only have to do 11 hours instead of 12. :) I know that sounds silly, but I ALWAYS get stuck working the weekend where I have to work 13 instead of 12. LOL

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the reminder Steve. Warmer temps and longer days. Life in Florida is good.
Good one Holly, glad you get that hour back!

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I had the coffee pot set to start at 6:30 and the clock go off at 7:00. I don't have to be at Sunday School until 9:00, but it takes forever to curl my straight hair. :-D

Thanks for the reminder, Louann. I called all those in our Sunday School class after supper last night to remind them.


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