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What a week!

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I've had the best week since I was diagnosed.
The week started out great with 70 weather at the beach. I went to the beach to pick up a boat. I got the boat for about 65% of what it is worth wholesale. It is fantastic. It is a Carolina Skiff. There was a CS dealer in Greenville but they were bought by the hospital and a new one never opened. The next closest one is 75 miles away. So I called Carolina Skiff complaining about getting a dealership nearby. As luck would have it. The guys who had the rights to the dealership gave them up and Carolina Skiff awarded me exclusive dealership rights for several counties in Upstate SC. Those counties include the Savannah River reservoirs of Hartwell, Jocassee, Keowee, and clarks hill. Not to mention my local lakes of Bowen and Blalock. I was pretty happy but I really don't want to run a full time business. Then a former business partner of mine called and said he had sold his business and asked if I was getting into anything, I said as a matter of fact I am. As a bonus, his dad, is currently unemployed and just happens to be the best salesman I know. I've been in a legal dispute over some property, my lawyer called and said the case was withdrawn. I've caught at least 20 trout this week. I had to start giving them away. So I went across the street to my neighbor to give him some fish. He had too many chickens so he gave me 5 hens that have just started laying. I've gotten 4-5 fresh eggs everyday since. This was my 7-14 day of treatment on xeloda. Usually I get some kind of nausea but I haven't gotten any this week. I've been bugging this guy to sell me his truck, he called me in November and said he would sell it, but he was asking way too much. I made him a terrible offer, he called and said he'd take it. I doubt I can buy it now but I might can trade something for it.
I'm seriously not kidding. Everything felt easy this week. The sun was always shining and the wind was always at my back.
The only negative was some underhandedness going on with some posts but that was more funny than anything else.

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It sounds as if everything is going your way. I hope this carries over to your fight with the beast.

I don't know what you said to piss off the overseers of the board but I,m glad you have a sense of humor about it. Keep up the good work.


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Thanks for starting my day off well with such a positive post. I enjoyed reading it and I'm so glad you've had a good week and didn't let the censors get under your skin.

onwards & upwards!


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what with getting your boat business off the ground and into the water, so to speak; treatment seems to be going well; fishing productive; hens a laying.....Keep up the enjoyment of life, show the beast who's in charge....Steve

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Hey John,
You've got a great attitude and you are an wonderful inspiration here. I hope your days continue to be life-giving and good!

Be well... Rob; in Vancouver

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I have chickens also and 4-5 eggs everyday.....they are great too......Carolina Skiff is a great boat for the big water...Our waters are kind of small in comparison so our jons do us well...Glad your having great days John...and by all rights you should be, you seem to jump right over any and all roadblocks that are placed in your way. Good for you young man, good for you........Love and Hope to ya....Buzz

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I've been into Carolina Skiff since I was a kid. They make the best jon boat by far. The J series is what I have and what I plan on selling the most of. The are 100% composite. They only draft 3 inches of water and are virtually indestructible. You can fill them with water and they still float. More importantly they look great. I paid $1200 for my 14 foot bare hull in 1999. I sold it in 2005. It looked just like it did when I bought it and I got $1200 for it. Did I mention that I never kept it covered and fished it regularly. I've pu my j-14 in the Broad river with rapid and rocks, the cyprus swamps in the low country. I even dragged it across a mile of shallow sand bars to fish secluded spots. If you like jon boats, you must check out the Carolina Skiff. That is what made them famous. They just started making big water boats.

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It does sound like a week from heaven. ;-) We should all be so blessed.

Actually, I had an icky week because of some tummy issues but feel GREAT now and am planning loads of fun things for the rest of the month. Our oldest son, Scott (39) and his 7 year old, Jackson, are coming to spend a week with us at Easter. We're going to climb Stone Mountain and enjoy the park, attend a local Easter Egg hunt, go to a local park with paddle boats, putt putt, hiking trails and a 'beach', cook out with Uncle Jon (our 33 year old son), Mary and her girls (and her oldest girl's partner), me, Jim and Nick (our 15 year old son)..... and, of course, we'll attend church together and I'll cook up our traditional Easter Day Dinner. We'll fill up a whole aisle at church that Sunday.

I'm SO GLAD to hear you've had a wonderful week. I love you, John, and pray for you many times a day along with many others on this forum, and I want only wonderful things for you and your family.

Hey, about those chickens, my friend Pam has just started raising chickens and she's having trouble getting them to lay. She's only getting 2 or 3 eggs a day so most of the hens are not laying. They're free range, she's googled to make sure she's feeding them well, etc. She said they go CRAZY for Watermelon rind! Any suggestions boys?

I'm off! We're sending foods to Haiti this week through our church and I have a list to go, buy and pack for 'Buckets of Hope'.

Y'all have a GREAT day!

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Wow- great week John! Go ahead and stub your toe and get it out of the way. Let that be the bad thing to break the spell, and then back to riding those good waves!

Hi Diane- I think my chickens will start laying soon- they are almost five months old. I know from a good friend with many many chickens that laying slows way down during the winter. This is, in part, do to less light. As spring comes, she will most likely get a bigger supply of eggs.


Fight for my love
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Life is good.Keep going.

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Live like it matters! I'm so very happpy to hear about your wonderful, incredible week.

Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.


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It brought a smile to my face to read your post. Glad you had such a positive week. There was almost a giddiness to your words and I am so happy for you. May the positive energy just keep on flowing for you!

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Hi John,

Your week sounds fantastic. I wish you many more great weeks!
Take care,

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way to go... its great to hear when someone is as happy as you it brings the rest of us up to. thanks for sharing

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Doo, doo, doo, doo, feeling groovy!


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