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what was your treatment for stage 3a

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I would like to hear from someone about their treatment for stage 3a. tumor and 2 lymph nodes. Did you have rads, chemo and surgery?. I have had 7 radiation treatments and 2 chemos. off for 1 week. I am very tired most of the time with little energy to do anything. Is this the way most people feel.

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marijune, I was never told what stage I was, but I had a tumor in my right lung, a very small tumor in my left lung, and some lymph node "involvement".

I had chemo - Cisplatin & Etoposide while also having 40 some odd days of radiation. I then went on to Taxotere before beginning a clinical trial drug. I honestly don't recall being especially fatigued (not like later on, when I had whole brain radiation and felt like it sucked the energy right out of me!), but one woman who shared the same treatment was tired all the time, and often nauseated. I had no nausea to speak of, and probably drove people nuts snacking in the treatment room - a belated apology, guys :)

Everyone is different, I'll bet you've heard that a lot here; for every generalization there are a dozen exceptions, seems like. I will generalize, however, and say that most people do experience fatigue during treatment, whether from radiation or chemo drugs. Just know that it does go away after a while :)


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I was treated for stage 3b lung cancer from 4/09 thru 6/09(radiation and chemo,no surgery). Fatigue is a side affect of the radiation and chemo. I was fortunate that I didn't have to go to work. When you feel fatigued, just give into it.

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Yes marijune. and my advice is if you can get away with it, don't fight it. It seems so easy. After all,for me, it seemed like during radiation and chemo all I did was showed up. It isn't like I ran 10 miles or did hard physical therapy so I'd think there was nothing to it. Not so! I was tired all the time.
I took 7 chemo treats, one a week on Tuesdays. I'd fall asleep in the car on the way home, hit the couch and lay down till dinner, eat, then go to bed.
By the way. It took me a couple weeks to recover and feel 'human' again after the treatments.
Good luck to you and God bless.

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chris5613, Did you have radiation treatments at the same time as your chemo? I finished my first round of rads and chemo, off a week, now I will start my next round monday. I get tired alot and sleep more than i think i should, but i also developed a dry cough which added to the tiredness. The Dr prescribed cough syrup but it took almost a week to ease up on the cough. I read where you should try to do some walking or exercise in order to build up your imune system but how can you do that when i feel so exausted. I have been thru radiation 5 years ago but no chemo at that time and i dont recall feeling as tired as i do now. I am thankful for this chat room. So many wonderful people on board to answer questions and send comforting messages.

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Hi my wife was diagnosed in early October 09 with 3-a in her right lung upper lobe.They said a cure was possible. treatments were - 6 weeks chemo and radiation,she did well and did not lose her hair.Her tumor shrunk 50%.We next saw a surgeon,he said his concern was the tumor was to close to her chest wall,but he decided to go with the surgery.She had surgery on Feb 12th.Unfortunately the surgeon was not able to remove the tumor.He said it was to close to the superior vena cava, which is a main artery going to the heart.I hope I`m not discouraging you,we are still in the fight.We will go for another round of chemo and radiation starting March 16th 2 chemo and 8 Radiations.We are living life to the fullest now, got to go were going to Tahoe today. God Bless Don&Kathy

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Hi - could you tell me more about your treatment?

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I had my consult yesterday and we formed a plan for my treatment. I will be receiving radiation treatments 5 days a week for 7 weeks and 4 chemo sessions, 2 during radiation and 2 after.
The tumor is blocking my airway, making it very difficult to breathe. I lose my breath just walking to the bathroom. The doctor says that should ease up by the end of the first two radiation treatments. He also prescribed a cough medicine for me to ease that dry annoying cough.
I'm more positive that I have been and very anxious to start the ball rolling. 35 radiation treatments back to back is sure to wipe me out, but as I have read, I will just succumb and let my body heal.

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My treatment for 3a treatment was 2 rounds chemo, cisplatin and etoposide, and 33 radiation treatments. The chemo was 6days each time with a 3 week break in between. The radiation was everyday, 5 days a week. Surgery was not an option due to the location of the tumor. It was very close to the chest wall. I finished treatment in Dec. 2009 and have had 2 PET scans and 3 lung fluid drainings since all were clear of cancer cells. I feel great, though taking Neurontin for nerve pain in my right shoulder and arm. The radiation did some damage to the brachial plexis nerves and I have been having fluid build up in my lung that makes me short of breath, hence the drainings, or throracentsis. During treatment I was able to continue work, though was very tired. I took all anti-nausea meds they gave me and was never sick. So take each day at a time, rest when you need it and know someone has been through what you are going through.

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