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essential thrombosis to myelofibrosis to accute leukemia

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My husband had a stroke in 2002 and was diagnosed with essential thrombosis they gave him anagrelide and hydrea (don't know the spelling) in October 2009 he was told it mutated into myelofibrosis-his PA doctor had him on procrit-we went to FL his hemotologist gave him nothing for one month-his number went way down-platelets went down to 10, hemogloben 8-they gave him a blood transfussion, platelet transfusion and rivlemid. Then I was told it mutated into accute leukemia. He passed away February 12, 2010-I cannot help but feel someone dropped the ball and my poor husband suffered the consequense. Is there anyone out there that can tell me otherwise?

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Sorry I too feel your lost, my brother had lymphoma for a number of years and somehow got staff infection. The problem was none of his doctors tested him for anything other then the cancer. He was blowing up like a balloon so we sent him to a Cancer place up state where they found he was full of staff and needed treatment right away for Staff infection not cancer; they send him back to his local doctor because his lymphoma was not the problem. The Local doctor disagreed with what they said and started treating him was double the Chemo to kill the lymphoma, she killed the lymphoma by killing him.

Sometimes they do make mistakes, God be with you.

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I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my husband in Oct., 2009. I have the comforting belief that we had done everything we could or that he was willing to do. I do know that one of my husband's colonoscopies missed his cancer. How much of a difference catching it at that time would have made, we will never know. I also know that the doctor who did that colonoscopy was devastated when he assisted in the first surgery and saw how much the cancer had spread. I actually made an appointment with him and told him that the last time I checked, doctors didn't walk an water. Yes, medical people make mistakes. We chose not to dwell on that mistake. That was our choice, and a decision we could live with. You need to decide whether you want to pursue this farther or accept and forgive. You are still very early in the grief process. Anger, questioning and sadness are all a part of that. I know because I am also dealing with grief. I hope you are able to find peace whatever you choose to do. Only you can decide what is right for you. Fay

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