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sorry ladies it is time for equal rights :-)

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This is why we need to spread the word on Prostate Cancer…as the “general public” believes it is no big deal and we all know better…

My wife came back from a “girl’s night” out for dinner and some of the ladies thought that I had pancreatic cancer. When they found out I had prostate cancer then the conversation went to that this cancer was no big deal it was “slow growing” and “no one dies from that” and everything else we have heard…amazing but perhaps it is time to get equal press with “Breast Cancer”…sorry ladies it is time for equal rights :-)

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Nothing else to say.

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Since my husband's diagnosis on 2/19 I have been bowled over by this. I was one of the ignorant ones, too! I had no idea about the work in choosing your option and then having to consider the horrible side effects. A woman faced with cervical cancer has a hysterectomy for a cure, but she can still have sex. This is a terrible blow to a man to deal with the issues of incontinence and ED. I feel for all you guys facing these decisions. I wish my husband did not have to choose a 'poison'. But I am so grateful it is so curable. Its just a lousy spot to be in...
I do think there needs to be LOTS more awareness of this!

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And what the surgery doesn't do to a man, the hormone shot does. And now after radiaiton I feel so beat up. And I miss being with my wife so much. Pads, incontinency, loss of energy, yah, I think we as men get hit as hard as the ladies do.

At least some of us do. I know a few of you have surgery and are back up in a couple of months doing well, but its not that easy for all of us. For some of us treatment seems to have no end, it just keeps on going......

My I hate this thing.

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EVERY 19 minutes for 2009 a man DIED from prostate cancer....sure many of these are from years ago discovery when the methods of treatment the detection was not what it is today....it's still a fact...another fact....from ACS:

"Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men, behind only lung cancer. About 1 man in 35 will die of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer accounts for about 10% of cancer-related deaths in men"

Early detection with thoughtful treatment choice should maximize LIFE SURVIVAL!

Randy in Indy

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I left some questions for you under the post I originated...we are in southern Indiana

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SOURCE: National Prostate Cancer Coalition

Prostate cancer accounts for approximately 15 percent of all cancer cases in the United States and 15 percent of male cancer deaths. Yet, on average, only about 5 percent of federal cancer research dollars have been devoted to beat the disease.
AIDS research receives approximately $1.7 billion in federal dollars. Breast cancer research will receive nearly $700 million next year. Compare that to $335 million for prostate cancer research.
The United States invests approximately $4,000 to find a cure for each life lost to prostate cancer; more than $14,000 for each life lost to breast cancer, and about $100,000 for each life lost to AIDS. It’s not that research for other diseases receives too much funding. Prostate cancer received too little.
Overall, the total cost of treating prostate cancer in the U.S. amounts to several billion dollars per year. Since most men diagnosed with the disease are over age 65 years of age, most of the cost is paid for through Medicare.
Since its inception in 1996, the National Prostate Cancer Coalition (NPCC) has, through its activist participation, infused more than $500 million in new federal dollars into prostate cancer research laboratories and clinics around the country.

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You said that you were one of the ignorant ones, and you're an RN!
Just imagine the level of ignorance in the general population!

Women have done an excellent job with breast cancer awareness and getting research funded.This probably has something to do with superior communication skills. Just look at the Discussion Boards here. Right now, Breast Cancer has 123,439 posts, while we only have 8,526. They are out-networking us by over 14 to 1. Disgraceful!

hopeful and opt...
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Soon after I was diagnosed, going thru depression and the negative feeling that most of us if not all go thru, I spoke with the clergyman, who said that his brother was a urologist and that it wasn't a big deal..I wanted to scream at him that it is a big deal....anyway that was the end of the discussion.

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Not all clergymen are crreated equal, I'd say. I know one who is very much interested in PC and who understands it pretty well. Too well. And some doctors can do a lot of surgery on patients and have no compassion for those they work on. I knew an ortho doc who never understood what a broken bone was like until he broke his leg skiing- then he knew.

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I also knew nothing about p. cancer or the possible side effects, my first move was to a forum, where I read and read, and was horrifed about all the pain and suffering.

Now, I know of an easy, no pain, verrrry little chance of side effects treatment that works as much as the other treatments, but some of you want me to shut up. If I don't get the word out there then who will? If you aren't interested then just don't read what I write. Attacking me personaly doesn't make sense.

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Men are 33% more likely to be diagnosed with PCa as women are to be diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The number of each who die each year from their respective cancers is almost equal.

Just FYI,


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