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Cancer related- Sleep aide?

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At night I am very restless and have to keep up 3- 6 or more times to go to the restroom. Flowmax does not help- I have no such problem during the day. I have used Xanax sparingly and have had good results with it, but I am afraid of Xanax- it is addicting. So I am wondering what others have used to help them relax and sleep better at night?

Niacinamide? A B3 vitimin something or other



Other suggestions?

What has worked for you if anything? I do need some help on this.

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Do you know if you have Sleep Apnea? I just saw my doc and he asked that because I told him I was getting up two or three times per night....the answer for me is yes I have a mild case of it and I actually have a Cpap machine but do not use it. He said use it and you will sleep through the night...as well as get the oxygen you need to the soft tissues in the penis...so I have been using it...man sleep through the night more now and when I get up to pee...wow have a ton and holding it in. Made a huge difference.

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I just need to relax more, I think.

Never had this problem before Surgery, so its almost a year now getting up and down all night long- I'm getting a bit tired.

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I like valerian for occasional use, and chamomile tea. I have trouble sleeping when I'm on dexamethasone. For that I use 1mg lorazepam. Nurse said that's not what they would usually prescribe for that, but it works for me, so I keep using it. And it doesn't make me eat or drive in my sleep!

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Trew: Diazapam works for me. I had open prostatectomy seven years ago. Last PSA still <.01 but daytime incontinence continues at 2 Depends pads per day. Tension from the impending prostate surgery in 2002 and its aftermath caused me to have problems swallowing foods. Bits and pieces would stick in my throat. After swallow tests, esophagus probes and other procedures found no problems, an Ear/Nose/Throat doctor prescribed 1.25 MG of diazapam per day. That solved the swallowing issue. A side effect of the diazapam usage has been a consistent seven hours of sleep and a full bladder in the morning. For me, Diazapam is not addictive. When I'm off the diazapam I'm restless at night, up several times to urinate and most often can't get back to sleep. tpelle

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I picked up a bottle of Valerian root today. I am going to combine that with Advil PM for the leg muscles and see how it goes.

What a trip eligard is! Always a new kick to deal with.

Ok, just leave me a alone for a few minutes while I sweat in peace......


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