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A really good few days

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I went to Myrtle Beach SC for the weekend. It was 70F and sunny. My family and I went on a boat ride around pawleys island, we got a really good deal on an oceanfront king suite in a nice hotel, we wnt to the aquarium, my wife found a pair of shoes that she has wanted for some time on clearance for $10. I came home and caught a magnificent trout from my pond, I had some fresh peppers and herbs that were ripe so I made a feast. You can't tell me the power of prayer and positive thinking can't effect others. With all your prayers I have had no less than 3 perfect days. Thanks

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Awesome, John!

That sounds like an amazing three days; + a good reminder, at least for me, to put some fun in our lives whenever possible. One of my husband's fiends, who is a cancer survivor himself, + is married to a cancer survivor sent a message in his Christmas card, to make sure we plan. This is good advice, + it sounds like you planned + executed a fabulous time for you + your family. Thanks so much for sharing this!

p.s. I am totally jealous of your warm weather - it is pretty cold here (outside Toronto), the snow is falling + although it is pretty now, I think we are in for a storm.

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go for the record bud...........make everyday a holiday....just find simple things to celebrate, and you know there out there ...Good for you bud, have another great day, on us !!!

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My wife got off work several hours early friday. She said she wanted to do something. It was cold and rainy. I said let's go to the beach. I didn't check the weather report or anything. We stayed at my parents house friday night. They live about an hour from the beach. I checked expedia, orbitz, and priceline. They all had about the same deals. I compared reviews and picked a hotel based on that. We wanted an indoor pool and lazy river. Surprisingly there were dozens of them. I picked the one with the best reviews and just showed up. We showed up at the hotel late sat evening and I made a deal on the spot for $15 less than the cheapest internet offer. It helps that they still had 13 king suites available as did every hotel next to them.

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Thanks for letting us know! We all need to take care of the good days! The hardest thing I have had to learn is to live in the now. I have always waited for a better day. You have shown that now is the better day!
Thanks for seizing the moment.

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while those times may not come as often as we wish, its a pleasure to enjoy them when they do.....Hoping you have many more such days, John......steve

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and shoes! Fantastic. Keep the great days coming. YOU deserve them.

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That is awesome! I love all of it.... the warm weather, good rate at the hotel, the $10 shoes, trout, good food, family!!! So glad to hear it!

I'll continue to pray!



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Way to go, John! I pray you have many many more wonderful days with your family!


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Sounds great John - Thanks for sharing. I love Myrtle -haven't been there in years. What hotel did you stay at?

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I'm telling ya.. It dont get much better then that!!!

Life is funny sometimes

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Way to go, John


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carpe diem? Troute Diem!

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I love Myrtle Beach! I'm glad you had such a good time. And can I get you to negotiate my hotel deal next time? *smiles*


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Hey John, that sounds sooo fun!! I continue to pray for you every night and hope you continue to have wonderful days. Patti :)

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John, all of that sounds good - Just need to add some dark chocolate too! Glad you enjoyed your weekend - it makes us all smile!

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Sounds like a great weekend. Have an even greater week.


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I often think life is made of of good plans and memories! Sounds like you had a great time!I give thanks! Jean

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glad to see you are living life to the fullest. Everyone has been given a life and what YOU decide to do with that gift is YOUR choice.

You can live it to the fullest and enjoy every single minute or ***** and moan and hate every minute.

I prefer to stay YOUNG at heart and enjoy every MINUTE that has been given to me.

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That was great.I think most of us hate most about this cancer is it takes joy away from life.You and your family did good,enjoy yourself,don't let it ruin life.I am sure you are going to have lots of more perfect days ahead.

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John, I cannot tell you how I enjoyed reading this post. You are such a warrior and hero in my eyes.

Some people never have 3 perfect days. I hope you have 30,000 more!

Still Praying!

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