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How long do I wait?

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I have been inspired by everyone's stories. My mom is a breast and ovarian cancer survivor and I watched her go through so much when I was in high school. I wish she had had something like this for more support.

Maybe because of her history I am over reactive. I am only 35 and have had irregular periods for just the past three or four months. Spotting between, very heavy and coming very close together. I called the doctor and they said to watch it and wait. They didn't say how long. Any advice? Thanks again for sharing your stories.

Lisa 00
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Watch and wait for what?

If you were my sister, knowing what I know now and having gone through what I've been through, I would call that a sub-standard reply to your concerns.
Go to another doctor. Get some kind of definitive testing done so that you can sleep at night. It can be done. You just have to know that there are better docs out there who will test you and they themselves won't rest until they test you and find a solid answer.

I had heavy monthly periods for 1.5 years. Then I got super, super, super heavy bleeding which came every 3 weeks and lasted anywhere from 10-14 days and never really quit spotting. I also had a TIA just prior to getting the hysterectomy. Yes, a TIA. I woke up one morning and couldn't move my right side very well at all. For all practical purposes I had a stroke and got lucky....it went away. After an hour or so it was getting better, but the last of the effects didn't go away for 10 days or 2 weeks. I was later told that pelvic cancers can cause a stroke. Oh, and my stroke was in the brainstem. The pons. It came really close to killing me.

And I too was premenopausal.
Good Luck.

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My advice to you is to find another doctor and get another opinion. If you would happen to have a gynecologic cancer, the sooner you get a diagnosis, the better. Early diagnosis improves prognosis. Did this doctor tell you what you are supposed to be watching for? Definately don't let them tell you that you are too young. I was diagnosed with uterine cancer at 39 and had been looking for answers for my symptoms for several years. You must be assertive and be your own advocate! There may be nothing at all wrong, but you need a doctor who will listen to you and check out your symptoms.

Good luck and may God bless you!

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We will all tell you the same thing...never wait...do whatever necessary to get a fast diagnosis. I am still angry with myself for the time that I spent thinking an odd unusual ache was just the result of age creeping on. Demand....new doctor...even tantrum!! Whatever it takes. Good luck.

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