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being around smokers after your in remission

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Did I mess up really bad, I went to a casino today and it's a smoking establishment,my sister died 20 yrs ago from LC so I quit smoking I got the cancer anyway, and luckily have been NED for the past 8 months. Do you think by going to the casino I risked keeping my cancer away?

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I think one day in a casino is not going to hurt you, nanaof7. If you were there day after day breathing in second-hand smoke, I might worry a little. I'm unable to tolerate smoke for long, myself, and it drives me nuts when my daughter smokes in a friend's car and then walks past me to her room - UGH. And I used to smell like that all the time! :)

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I don't think you messed up really badly. Not a great thing to do. Maybe you can find a casino that just has a smoking section next time, so you can avoid it altogether.

I am a caregiver to a 68 year old who smoked 3 packs of Marlboro's a day, dealt with second hand smoke all over the place - because until the laws changed recently, there was second hand smoke everywhere - and now neither he nor I can stand the smell of smoke at all. I was also a smoker and quit. It was about 18 years after he quit that he was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer - he's had 3 surgeries since 2005 and is now going through chemo.

You just take better care of yourself from here on in. The worry is as bad as anything else for your health!

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I also quit 20 years before being dx. and I also hate the smell,my husband smokes and I hate getting into his car and going outside after he has smoked. it was a turnaround bus trip I did get out into the fresh air and went to the shops where is no smoking I can't believe I let fun interfere with my health I have been exercising and eating right
( nothing white ) no sweets very little red meat no dairy and lots of fruits and veggies.

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