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support or volunteer resources for small cell lung cancer specifically

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my very close friend was diagnosed with sclc on jan 29 2010 and she just passed away feb 9 2010. she was relatively healthy only going in the hospital jan 28 for tests. as you can see by the timeline we are totally blown away and still in shock. i'm wondering if there is a specific support or volunteer group for those touched by sclc (like there is for breast) or does all info fall under the umbrella of lung cancer? i would appreciate any info and would like to join something where i could find comfort and give something back in return.

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If there are support groups expressly devoted to those whose friends have died from sclc, I am not aware of them. But then, I am not aware of any support groups devoted to those who were friends of those that died of this particular breast cancer or that.

Grief, after all, is the same regardless of how a friend or loved one died. So your request is a curious one.

There ARE grief support groups and if you think you are in need of such, contact the closest ACS office in your area, or the yellow pages, or your local newspaper.

If you are interested in supporting cancer research and such on a more active level, check out Relay For Life, for starters.

Best wishes with your endeavor on behalf of your departed friend. It is likely that your efforts on behalf of this friend will contribute to the well-being of many others down the road.

Take care,


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I dont know of many groups outside of the American Cancer Society. I, myself, was graced with both NSCLC and SCLC, a rarity as is a 49yr old with early onset of Parkinsons and Altzhiemers, COPD (emphsema), and heart disease (only now approx 35% of the heart working).
But there are other sites like the Livestrong cancer site by Lance Armstrong, or the Lung Cancer Alliance. I dont know the exact web addresses, but you can always type the name in google to get it. They may have what your looking for.
There are few support groups ( Greif and/or Bereavement) for other than close family mambers, although most of my friends are considered family. You just have to look and find one that fits what your looking for.
Continuing to rasie awareness aboout cancer in your community is another way to give back, and you will find that their are others like you in that endreavor. Start your own website, in honor of your friend, to bring awareness. Many sites are out there to honor people who have passed from this disease, that promote awareness, fund rasie, and share their loss.

And you can remain active here, educate where you can, share your experience when you can, and along the way you will learn more about this disease and be able to educate others even more.

Our Prayers and Best Wishes to You Friend, You and The Families,

Dan (cobra1122) and Margi Harmon

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