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Scan results

chicoturner Member Posts: 282
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Hi everyone, I got a call from the Onc today with my results from Tues. scans. It seems the spots that have been on my lungs all year are still there, despite increasing the iriontecan dose. I am so disappointed, I guess I was really expecting at least some shrinkage. But, I should know better than to "expect" any certain thing! I'll go see him in a week or 2, after my bowels settle down. He told me to take a couple to 3 weeks off as the cat scan showed by bowels thickening. He feels certain that is the chemo side affects. I know I should be happy it didn't spread or get larger, but I will say I am very sad. But, I will get over it...again and keep up the fight. thanks for listening to me whine! Jean


  • Kathleen808
    Kathleen808 Member Posts: 2,342
    Sorry that you are feeling disappointed. I know that we all want this cancer to just be gone. It is good that right now it looks stable. I hope you feel well with the 3 weeks off.

    Also this is the place to whine, rage, cry, celebrate, let it all out, whatever it is.

    Take care now.

  • Crow71
    Crow71 Member Posts: 679
    Hey Jean - I hate it for you
    Hey Jean - I hate it for you that you got disappointing news. We work so hard to fight this disease and deal with the side effects. We all have the right to expect good results, even though we "should know better." "Didn't spread or get larger" will have to suffice for now as good news. Be sad, but don't stay sad. Enjoy your break. Get happy and hopeful again. Soon you'll be telling us "real" good news.
  • PhillieG
    PhillieG Member Posts: 4,866
    We don't always get to hear what we want
    I've been dealing with stable for many years. Stable is OK by me, it contains the word "able" in it.
    Hang in there.
  • dianetavegia
    dianetavegia Member Posts: 1,942
    Hey Jean,
    I'm sorry the

    Hey Jean,
    I'm sorry the spots have not shrunk, but I'm so thankful that they have not grown. Like Phil said 'stable contains able'.

    We know Who is able and I'll pray for the bowel thickening and spots on your lungs.

  • geotina
    geotina Member Posts: 2,111
    I'm sorry the news was not what you had hoped for. Things are stable and that is good. My hubby has mets to lungs and like you, I want them gone with the chemo, right now his are not growing and there are no new ones, and some have disappeared so I take joy in that part of it. Enjoy your break for now then get back in the fight. Take care - Tina
  • AnneCan
    AnneCan Member Posts: 3,673
    Hi Jean,
    I am sorry you are

    Hi Jean,

    I am sorry you are didn't hear the news you hoped for + that you are feeling disappointed. I like what Phil said, "stable contains able".
  • mom_2_3
    mom_2_3 Member Posts: 952
    I am sorry that the scan results weren't exactly as you were hoping but it is certainly good news to have a stable scan. My thoughts are with you.