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I had a radical nephectomy (left kidney removed) on Jan. 22 and am still experiencing pain in my back in the area where the kidney was removed. Does anyone know how long this discomfort last? I am so frustrated at this point.

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It all depends an your age, type of surgery, your health as well as other factors. Everybody's recovery is a little different. Seven and one half years ago I had the same surery as you at age 59. It was done laproscopicaly. I still had pains at 4 weeks and generally did not feel "good" until 6 weeks. The swelling took almost a year to go down. The following summer I went waterskiing and now nothing will hold me back except that at 66 I can no longer do what I did when I was 40, but I will have fun trying. A posivive attitude helps and the fact that a little cancer (2.7 cm. now removed) is not going to slow me down.

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Your surgery was January of THIS year? It will get better. The pain could be a nuisance for some time, though, as the nerves and muscles that were cut during surgery need to repair themselves. BUT it DOES get better! For me it was the fatigue - again, that's the body trying to heal itself and adjust to the shock its undergone. Good luck!

Frank Fitz
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I had my radical nephrectomy on the same date. Feeling pretty good now. I do experience some pain and fatigue but it is so much better that I tend to ignore both! I go for a cystoscopy on 4-15 so they can see if any cancer moved to the bladder -- that is a scary thought but I am pretty hopeful all will be OK. Nerve damage on my side where they inserted the scope is my major complaint at this point -- hoping I will be able to play golf this summer!

Good luck to you all!

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I am post op four months from a partial, and I still have some pain.It is alot better now but I still have some fatigue issues with my belly muscles and my kidney site. I were and elastic binder which helps somewhat. Give it time it does get better!! Steve

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