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colon cancer blue ribbons

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Joined: Dec 2009

I looked online for cancer ribons and found the one I displayed it is a magnet and is on my car...I paid 6.95 plus shipping for it . I hope everyone here will buy one and display it proudly...

Posts: 638
Joined: Dec 2009

www.bumperstickermagnet.com they are 2.99 each free shipping w/orders over 25.00

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I am going to order some myself......

Posts: 638
Joined: Dec 2009

I am ordering some to hand out to people who will display them and help spread the word about this cancer seems like all we hear is the pink kind time to turn this country alittle BLUE...

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I'm going to orders a few also! I also found some shirts at cafepress.com that I want to order for my children and fiance. I'm a little sick of the pink warriors...is that mean? Maybe not sick of them...just wish someone would understand that we are warriors too. And so is everyone else that has to fight cancer...of any kind.


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Joined: Dec 2009

Thanks for the info on the T-shirts I went to the web site and ordered shirts ...thank you for shareing this information.

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I know what you mean, Sheri. I love my friends who've had breast cancer, but I do wish people would recognize there are other types of cancer. Being a woman, I'm always asked if I had breast cancer. No, go south!


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Joined: Dec 2009

I just laugh when ask if I had breast cancer and say no the boobs are find but the colon didn't make it but I will be ok thanks for asking...they are for the most part dumb founded

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Thank you so much. I'm ordering for my entire family! God bless you

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Colon Cancer Alliance also has pins, bracelets and pamphlets you can get. I ordered the pins and bracelets for myself and my grandschilren who's dad has just been diagnosed with colon cancer. I understand what the one persons said about the pink awareness, not that they do no have a place but there shold be awareness about all cancers. I did not even realize there was a blue ribbon for colon cancer until I started researching colon cancer after my sons diagnoses this week. I need to get the magnets and shirts too now. Thanks for the info on where to go to get these.

Posts: 638
Joined: Dec 2009

I have them on my car so every time I stop anywhere they see it...

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I actually get frustrated with all the hype about breast cancer and there doesn't seem to be much publicity for colon cancer. The shirt site you mentioned has a lot to choose from. Thanks for sharing that.

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