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Looking for People that have CLL or were diagnosed when they were young - i.e 30

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Hey everyone
33 here... social fun outgoing guy whos done a lot,,
was kinda feeling sick last two months.. and to make the story short..
was told have CLL.. something that am told is mostly for older male and generally european decent.. am neither..
anyways.. after the first 10 days am over the shock and trying to reach out for more info.. yet all info I see is "we do wait and watch.. and a lot of CLL patient are fine for 5 years"
thats all great but umm at 33 this info is rather unnerving and not reassuring,,
so am seeikng out other people with CLL that was diagnosed when they were younger..
so help please

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Not 30 but I was diagnosed 4 years ago @ 42. Its still young according to the books. It progressed slowly for the first 2 1/2 years and then grew rapidly. Right now I am on chemo (FCR) 6 doses over 6 months (app) 3 days per dose seperated by 27 days (app). However, after the 2nd dose, the procedure has been twice postponed in a row because my hemoglobin refuses to rise. I have had 2 transfusions of 3 units each. For me it worked the first time (after the first dose) but after the second time its refusing to stay put. It continues to receed despite the fact that it has been more than 5 weeks now.

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