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Good Days and Bad Days

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I am having a string of down days lately. I started taking one of those 6-day steroid packs last week to relieve swelling in the bladder from the radiation and almost immediately I started dripping again- I am right back to where I was when the cath was pulled back on March 31, 09. Very discouraging. I am starting kegels all over again.

So it goes....

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We are on your side. For whatever it is worth, this time of year compounds everything. The short days, cold, snow .. Keep positive.

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Trew, You are not back where you were!! You are an inspiration for everyone...You are always objective, positive and uplifting to all of us!! You have come through so much. My husband and I are very thankful for you!! You and your posts have really helped us get through these first weeks of diagnosis and options...Everyday that we can all come here together and support each other is a good day:) Tomorrow will be a better stronger day. Think of something little you enjoy and do it!! we are watching the Christmas Vacation Movie (again)....but ralphie loves it, and it makes us laugh:) We are sooooooo pathetically easy to please, but happy...............it's the little things............happy thoughts!!!! I'll pray for you ralphie's wife

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I am trying to talk this PC thingy to death!!! Or bore it to death.

Never embrace the enemy!

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Be strong and I hope you get better soon - I knew how you feel! When we young we was working hard for living - when we are getting old we have to deal with our health issues - life never smooth as we wish! Enjoy when ever we can and do not wait until retire to enjoy life!


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Ah, morning has come, a new day. Time to do my exercise routine and hope for better coutcomes. I am feeling (a good eligard expression!) more upbeat today.

I do enjoy the exchanges we have on this board. Everyone, Thanks!

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Life is much better know that the sun is actually up when I go to work, and still up when I get home. It has been a long winter, enough to get anyone in the dumps. Just think how Al Gore feels (sorry, I know that was political, but I couldn't resisit it).

I always look at the end of winter, and the coming of Spring as a new lease on life.

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