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What was your most romantic Valentines Day

Julie 44
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Joined: Oct 2008

Happy Valentines Day everyone. I just thought it would be cool to find out what was your most romantic Valentines Day. Its time to think of LOVE instead of dread!!!!!JULIE

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Happy Valentines Day! My hubby made me a very special card from the computer. We had homemade blueberry pancakes (with flax seed) for breakfast! A great day already!

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my husband bought me a new pair of dimond ear rings and tennis braclet with a heart attached in rubbies I made breakfast in bed. What a lovely way to share the love...

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This morning I woke at 4:30AM. Yesterday was disconnect day from my pump. My husband got up at 6AM to make me Cream of Wheat so I could take my meds - I need to eat with them. I found that by eating right away it helped a lot. So he told me I need to wake him if I get up early and need food.

My wonderful husband got out of bed at 5AM and made me Cream of Wheat, and brought me CranGrape juice! And he brushed my hair for me as it was really matted from a lot of hair coming out again. I had about 1/4 of my hair left, but this morning he took about 1/8 of that out. Then he went back to sleep. This is FAR from what I would normally put on my list of most romantic Valentine's Days, but this one tops them all! The love and caring he gives me through this tough time is more romantic to me than any of our past dinners or sexcapades or whatever else we've done other years to celebrate!

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Nana b
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Unfortunately, :-) I don't have a memory of one; my husband makes every day special. Just one of those lucky girls! My happiness is his mission. Got to love him!

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I was tanning at a shop our friend owned. I arrived there around 5:00 p.m. one Valentine's Day and she told me to go into room "3". I got there and there was a red rose with a note on it. The note told me to take the rose and go across the street to the candle shop. There a cashier gave me a red rose with a note on it. (She also told me I had to come back to the shop and tell her what happened.) The note told me to take the rose and go to the coffee and tea shop. When I got there a cashier gave me another red rose with a note. The note told me to take the rose and go to the shoe store (all the stores were in the same little shopping complex). I went to the shoe store and a clerk gave me a red rose with a note attached. The note told me to take the rose and go to the "Faded Rose" (a creole restaurant) and I would be met at the door by the hostess with another rose. At the Faded Rose the hostess saw me come in with my four roses, she gave me another red rose and took me to a table where my husband was waiting with a white rose and a jewelery box. Everyone in the restaurant must have thought he was proposing, because they all started clapping when I sat down and he gave me the white rose. Inside the box was a pair of love knot earrings.
That was the romantic Valentine's Day I've ever had, but not the most romantic thing my husband has ever done. He's a romantic in every way and lets me know every day how much he loves me.

Debbie from Arkansas

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Those are some great memories.

Hubby has never been romantic and in 40 years has remember Valentine's Day maybe 2 times BUT he gives me anything I want, makes breakfast for me every weekend and shows his love every day of the year. That's good enough for me.

BTW... did you know St. Valentine was a Roman Priest who was beaten, tortured and beheaded for breaking the law and marrying people when the King had made marriage a crime? Just before his death, Valentine sent a goodbye note to his beloved and signed it 'from your Valentine'.

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I can't really think of one Valentine's Day that stands out as the most romantic, because my husband is very romantic every day. But when I think about the gifts he's given me over the years, I do love the heart ring he gave me. I wear it every day and think about how blessed I am.


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I once hirerd a Barbershop Quartet to go to my wife's work a sing a few songs for her and bring her 100 roses. They came all dressed up and sang like 5 Oldtime love songs to her and all the other girls in the office. I sure hit it out of the park that year!!

Life is funny sometimes

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Joined: Sep 2009

My husband has done so many wonderful things, but two years ago he ordered a heart shaped pizza (my favorite food is pizza) and he made chocolate dipped strawberries, my other most favorite food. Before you all say AHHH, you have to understand that he knows where the kitchen is, but was not really involved in how the food made it to the table. (He has always been involved in clean up though.) So to me this was so awesome.

This year, holidays have been very subdued but we did go to dinner, and he gave me a new pair of jammies, flannel with long sleeves because he knows since I started treatment I have been very cold. Next year I hope the freezing cold will have stopped so the jammies don't have to be flannel (giggle giggle). By the way in August we will celebrate our 30 year anniversary.

Happy Valentines to all

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