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My brother 41 years old just told he had melanoma. Its start on his back seven month ago. He had removed it and it came back. He told Dr.dont seen it in for testing didn’t have the money. Time went on and he started to get head pain. They said had mass on back left side of brain as big as the left side. They had brain surgery to remove it. He has mass in his left arm pit to. They are going to give him radiation to his brain. Is this the last stage and are they just trying to make him comfortable? They have not said any time frame. What I have read it doesn’t sound good. Do people every make it at this stage? If so what can he do?

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my wife is in a similar situation,she has had one removed from her back,one from her intestine,has two in her liver ,one in her lung and has just had two removed from her brain,her prognosis is not good but we have not given up hope,there are no definites with this disease,he must keep positive and live one day at a time ,i hope all goes well good luck

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