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Just turned 30 and just found very probable possibility of kidney cancer

Mookies Mom
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I just here looking for people's prior experiences, support, but mostly hope. My husband just turned 30 a couple weeks ago and this week we began the whirlwind of probable kidney cancer. There is a possibility that is may be a different form of cancer (lymphoma), but kidney cancer is the most likely the animal we are dealing with. There is also a mass in one of the surrounding lymphnodes almost the size of the mass in the kidney. Both are very large. And possibly a small lesion in his liver. We still waiting on the biospy results, but everything I am finding in my research is painting a very grimm picture of what lies ahead. I can't stand the thought of our 15 month old daughter growing up without her daddy. And I am going to do everything I can to make sure that doesn't have to happen.

Is there anyone out there who has has the unfortunate experience of having to deal with this as such a young age? Anyone who had a large mass in a lymphnode? With everyone freaking out around us, telling us their stories, their recommendations, it is hard not to become overwhelmed. I am trying desperately to be strong for my family while trying to be understanding of the fact that he is not only my husband but also his mother's child. I hate feeling out of control (I know, get use to it) and I hate being treated like a child and like I have no medical background when I worked in the healthcare industry for over 5 years. Because we are so young, people seem to want to take us under their wing and make decisions for us. I need the reassurance that we have every right to stand our ground and make the decisions we feel are best for us and our daughter. Even it means that I am going to be known as the icy, cold b-word from this point on.

Wow! This went from asking for other experiences to a venting session. Sorry!

Karen 09
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Hi, I am so sorry to hear about your husband. I too was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma at a young age. At the age of 24 they found a small tumor on my kidney. I have read up a lot about kidney cancer and it seems like the prognosis of the disease comes down to a lot of factors. Whether the tumor was contained in the renal capsule, whether there was necrosis or not, the fuhrman grade of the tumor and the stage. Also the subtype of the renal cell carcinoma is plays an important prognostic role. All of these factors will only be determined once they remove the tumor from your husbands body and get the pathology back on it. I was told all along that my kidney tumor was definitely benign, even though I also had a suspicious growth on my bone. I found out otherwise when they got the pathology report back. My tumor was a rcc. They still don't know what the bone is after biopsys and multiple scans, but they say it's benign. So you really don't know what you're up against until you have the pathology. Just focus on getting through the surgery until then.

Kidney cancer in young people is quite uncommon. Most of the journal articles and previous studies are in relation to older patients. It is always good to read up as much as possible on your husbands condition so that you feel more informed when you meet up with his urologist. Reading up on the condition always gave me a sense of control and still does to this day. Kidney cancer can be curable by surgery so do not give up hope. Your husbands urologist is your best resource in all this, he deals with this disease day in day out so you should be honest with him about you and your husbands concerns and fears.

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I was 38 and had kidney cancer. I found out its better to not know what the Dr.s are thinking. I got my CT scan and I thought I was eat up with cancer. They said had lesion on liver and mass on tail bone and mass on my kidney. They had me get a MRI.Went to DR.s office ready for bad news. The mass on tail bone was just the way GOD made me and the lesion on my liver was not cancer. Not good, but I just had kidney cancer. The hardest think is the mind games. Your mind can make you sicker then you really are.

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